Square-Enix News + E3 action: Full-Scale Final Fantasy game... made for Mobile!

Square Enix
Final Fantasy Brave Exvius? Yep, and it looks... quite promising. I'd love to play Final Fantasy 8 again too, recreated for mobile, but (but... but) i'd also love to have a full remake for PC & Consoles also (after FF7 of course). That's the beauty of some games, they are so awesome they can be brought back in an all new way. 
Even ones that I absolutely could NOT stand (like the old Tomb Raider 1 & 2 for PS1) can be brought back in awesome fashion.

The new Tomb Raider is just worlds better... for me, but I give props to the original because if that never existed... what we have now may never have existed either. Anyway, check out this video from Square-Enix for FFBE... which is coming our way this summer. (I can feel the heat already, lemonade please!)

Square-Enix reports that the game will feature turn-based gameplay (which I enjoy as a fan of RPGs!), with streamlined battle mechanics and intuitive touch controls so that its easier to pick up for newbies and seasoned fans alike. I still prefer controller and even mouse & keyboard over touch screen for most games, but... we've been doing a lot of gaming. :p

Anyway, they also list that players will be able to movie their characters through fields and dungeons to search for things like items, hidden paths, and... basically what i've come to expect from an RPG, which i'm glad is being incorporated into this game. I love venturing to different areas... except for when i'm low on health and happen to stumble across one of those rare monsters that can END YOU with one attack. MOMMA NO!

I can't wait to see the high-quality cg animations for the summons, and even the appearances of various new and old characters from games like the Warrior of Light from my friggin phone. There are other great games on mobile, but I really want to dig into this and indulge in some Final Fantasy action that doesn't require me to sit in front of the telly or the PC. It will allow me to be mobile when I get my hands on Blu's gummy snacks. If you read this... I am only kidding. hehehe

You can pre-register for the game at FinalFantasyExvius.com to receive special in-game items at launch... and this game will also be playable at E3 (in the Square-Enix booth ofcourse) compliments of Square-Enix and... Gumi Inc (the developers of Brave Frontier) from June 14th - 16th (2016).

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