Is VR here to stay or is it just an expensive fad?

It's hard to determine whether or not VR is here to stay... on a more consistent basis, but i'll continue after you check out JackaJax2Cents on VR. Oh, by the way... I went to a friends party yesterday that didn't end until early (today), so it literally feels like I've been to a full time heavy labor job, but this post was going to make it no matter what or I wouldn't be... RkRk!

Just looking at the fact that you have to put something on your head... is one of the things that makes me personally wonder and question if its going to be a long term thing. It's not a group experience when you're placing something over your eyes... at least from what I know (though viewers can see things on an alternate screen).

From a personal standpoint, I have a low tolerance for wearing hats and even eye-wear for an extended period of time and... I game for an extended period of time. I say that to say... comfort is extremely important when it comes to considering VR headsets (for me) and has to rival the technology if such tech is going to be used for an extended period of time.

As Jack mentioned in the video... Outlast would be a sick VR experience for fans of survival horror games (which I wonder if some could take such gaming when it comes to their heart, especially with the added gaming vests out there). First person games would be right at home on VR, so I could see that being a new home for a lot of shooters especially... while I could also see it being a place for puzzle games and racing. I don't really see every game being worth a VR experience (and I won't call any out) but that doesn't make them bad... I just think i'd be interested in playing some games in VR (perhaps AR).

Anyway, I look forward to seeing the various ways VR & AR can be experienced... and as long as there is plenty of content to enjoy, the price comes down to... (hmmm, I don't know... what's the word? Oh yeah...) "Affordable" (when it comes to some), and games don't require much to go VR... (which some software is said to be that simple), it should be good (at least for awhile). I'd expect there to be more than enough VR action to soak in this e3.

+1, Share, Subscribe and... Game on! Oh... speaking of "game on", HITMAN gameplay is going up sooner than later, busy sort of... happens and... kinda pushes things off. It's coming though (and maybe, just maybe... a whole lot more). Hahaha! The game's fantastic, but I like to kick back and watch Blu play... while I eat all the cereal! :p