HITMAN: Episode 2 + Lara Croft 20 Year Celebration + Orcs Must Die! Unchained

If you've been wanting to get in on some multiplayer co-op action... what are you waiting for?
Orcs Must Die! Unchained is available now for PS4 & PC! This video was made for the purpose of address longevity, because this is a game that can be fun... but past games were repetitious (though the challenge was how you improve and take on the Orcs with even greater efficiency as you progress through the story). This however... is something that will be expected to have longevity because of it's Free2Play set up, and I don't want to see PvP being the only thing dripping with new content. I will say though, I don't think they will take that approach considering... they delivered this type of model that's a lot more high maintenance than a standard purchase to play game.

We also have to announce that HITMAN - Episode Two: Sapienza... is less than a month away, so when that time comes... suit up in... whatever gets the job done. IO also released a 1.03 update for console versions of Hitman and the patch hits the PC soon... (if it hasn't by the time you've read this).

Hitman 1.03 Update Notes

  • The Vampire Magician Challenge Pack includes 10 new challenges that were inspired by how our community have been playing the game.
    • Each challenge requires you to wear the Vampire Magician disguise while taking down targets using a range of different methods.

  • Continued improvements to load times
    • The improvements will be most notable when loading The Showstopper mission in Paris and we're already working on improving all loading times even more.

  • Improved responsiveness for in-game menus and image loading
    • We've implemented an image caching system that will improve responsiveness and loading times for all images in the game menu.

  • Fixed issues with scoring
    • Primarily, this fixes an issue that resulted in many players earning a "0 second" time bonus and an incorrect score of 210,000. A leaderboard reset will be implemented at a later date.

  • Continued improvements to connectivity
    • Server stability improvements.

  • Missing 'Requiem Pack' items have been restored
    • For those affected, these items will now be available to choose from the planning screen again.

  • Fixed numerous issues that were causing crashes
    • General improvements to game stability.

Last but not least... this week, Square-Enix and Crystal Dynamics announced that 2016 is Tomb Raider's 20-year celebration. From what we know... they plan on celebrating with fans to honor Lara via special events, retrospectives, giveaways, etc... throughout the year! Once they fill us in on the when and where... we'll let you know!

(By the way) If you remember when Tomb Raider was first released (ever), then your age is probably coming to mind... but you know what? (No... not chicken butt... i was going to say that) If you're reading this that's another reason to celebrate (because... you're alive and gaming is still a part of your daily down time).

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