Ghost in the Shell should star a Japanese woman | Ryt Or Nah?

Before I jump into this... consider these non-gaming topics more of those things from the... stuff category of SDGT Ent (consider it a... breather from the game based topics)! (But yeah) Click play and get in face palm position if you're disappointed that Hollywood has gotten it's grip... yet again on something that could potentially end up... bad.
It's not bad that its Scarlett Johansson... we have nothing against her, but for this role... why not go with a Japanese woman? Why pass over the talented Japanese actresses out there just to take the same old approach to try and Americanize something that the fans appreciated regardless of it not being created in America? Maybe (just maybe) some of us appreciated it because it wasn't American based... and gave a perspective that wasn't familiar.

What do you think?

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