Would you like to see Fear Effect Sedna happen?

Fan of Fear Effect? Want a new installment? Well... Square-Enix contacted us today about this and I was like... "Say whaaattt?!". The team is seeking $100,000k via KickStarter... so if you want in, check out the link below. 

What i'd really (really) want to see in a new Fear Effect is... a smooth cel-shade style seen in the image above. I don't want an adventure you can breeze through leaving something to be desired. I need there to be a story that takes me back because I am one of those people that still (proudly) owns a mint copy of Fear Effect for PlayStation 1 and would like to catch up with something that also feels fresh and exciting.

+1, Share, Subscribe and... check out this Kickstarter link: http://bit.ly/FearEffectSedna