EA now has the keys to WRC, will it result in a win or a wreck?

With EA now behind the WRC franchise, it's natural to feel both curious and concerned about the game's future. On the one hand, we may see exciting new tracks and modes that weren't previously available. However, there's also a risk of the game being overrun by microtransactions that detract from the overall experience. 

If the game becomes too reliant on these transactions, it should be offered as a free-to-play option instead. As long as EA Sports treats the franchise with care, I'm excited to see what they can do with it. However, I don't believe that annual sequels are necessary. A two-year gap between releases would give the game ample time to breathe and offer a chance for seasonal updates in the meantime. It will be interesting to see how the game looks, powered by Unreal Engine and developed by Codemasters, the team behind DiRT Rally.

The game will continue to feature the official WRC teams and manufacturers, with 10 current WRC, WRC2, and Junior WRC vehicles and 68 iconic rally cars from throughout the sport's history. Players will have access to EA Racenet, the company's racing companion app, to help ramp up the competition. Additionally, the game will offer 32-player cross-platform multiplayer action, as well as the ability to create custom multi-surface tournaments and more through the Clubs option. EA Sports WRC will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Steam, Epic Store, and the EA app starting November 3, 2023, with pre-orders receiving 3 days of early access, 5 VIP Passes, and 3 Team Livery & Apparel Packs.

Sophima | Guest Contributor
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