Disney Speedstorm... a true Mario Kart alternative?

Disney Speedstorm offers a compelling alternative to Mario Kart, boasting an unforgettable cast of characters that resonate with avid gamers, Disney fans, and casual enthusiasts. Not only are the tracks visually captivating as is the music, but the gameplay itself is truly remarkable. The fluid AAA quality movements take the exhilarating racing experience to a tournament-worthy level, enhanced by the strategic utilization of item pick-ups to outmaneuver opponents and secure a top spot on the podium.

What sets Disney Speedstorm apart is its accessibility and inclusivity. The game is not only free-to-play, but it also supports cross-platform play, allowing players to compete against others regardless of their gaming platform, be it PC, Nintendo, Xbox, or Playstation. In essence, Disney Speedstorm possesses its own unique identity and does not need to rely on the shadow of Mario Kart to shine. Access is the key to victory, as long as it receives the necessary backing and support from gamers.

Gameloft Barcelona, the developer behind this cross-platform arcade combat racing game, launched Disney Speedstorm as a free-to-play title across multiple platforms just in time for a new season. The highly anticipated Season 4 update, inspired by the beloved Disney film Aladdin, introduces an array of new Racers, tracks, crew members, and more, further enriching the immersive experience.

The transition to a free-to-play model has made the game more accessible to players worldwide, and I believe this was a great strategy to make the game available to all. Victory in the game relies on mastering each character's unique skills. The roster of Racers is expanding, including popular characters such as Sulley, Mulan, Mickey Mouse, Belle, Stitch, Buzz Lightyear, and Captain Jack Sparrow. Each Racer has upgradeable skills and abilities that can greatly influence the outcome of races, according to Gameloft Barcelona.

Players have the option to race through thrilling tracks on their own or challenge friends in multiplayer modes, whether they are playing locally or remotely. According to the developer, the game will continuously grow with the addition of new Disney and Pixar Racers and racetracks, providing players with fresh opportunities to showcase their racing skills and dominate the competition.

New additions include Abu, Magic Carpet, Rajah, Iago, the Sultan, and many others. Additionally, the developers have two surprise racers yet to be revealed.

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Sophima | Guest Contributor

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