Barbie Movie 2023... Reviewed!

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Let's begin this review of the Barbie movie by saying that it started off on a high note. It was spotless and I anticipated being transported into a captivating fantasy world where extraordinary dolls came to life on the big screen. In that sense, my expectations were met.

However, the 2023 film took an unexpected left turn down Feminism Lane and swiftly veered onto Misandry Highway when a real-life woman named Gloria (portrayed by America Ferrera) projected her personal issues onto Barbie, infiltrating the realm of toys. There could've been a bit more creativity injected into the story to round it out for me, like the introduction of a rival brand by Gloria but there was nothing of the sort; it was simply the desire to alter Barbie, and Ken was just there to represent men as mindless creeps. This transforms the movie into something that quickly turns me off.

This chain of events led Barbie to venture into the real world in an attempt to reclaim her idyllic existence in the toy realm. Ken, sneaking into the vehicle, accompanied her on this adventure, only to find themselves thrust into a world seemingly dominated by men. I was perplexed at how a company created by a woman found itself dominated by men, were they hired by her or did they come in and just take over?

In a world of playthings, the initial focus was on empowering girls to become capable women, with men serving as an afterthought. You can be capable, and you owe it to no one to be enamored with them, but this movie is messy. It took female empowerment on a ride into feminism toward the battle between Misandry and Misogyny after Ken got a taste of what he saw in the real world. I do feel obligated to highlight that even the all-male management team of Barbie didn't care about Ken either. The only place he felt like he belonged was in the make-believe world with his perception of what the real world was.

The end result conveyed the importance of embracing one's true self, a message I wholeheartedly support. However, the journey to reach this point was rather chaotic. This film seems to cater primarily to feminists and men who align with feminist ideals. While it may not have the power to significantly influence someone's beliefs, it certainly takes a provocative approach rather than a persuasive one.

I really felt that Gloria could have introduced a competing brand that challenged the world of Barbie in a satisfying way. Despite my appreciation for the stunning visuals, and audio, I doubt I would choose to watch this movie again. This isn't a movie for girls if you don't want them to view Barbie in a lens beyond fun and imagination. Often children are forced into adulthood before the legal age by adults who want them to feel how they feel. It continues an unhealthy trend. Despite the overall message, this movie was unsatisfying at best.

Barbie is available for Blu-Ray + Digital, DVD, and in 4K for deep discounts.

Story 1

Visuals 5

Audio 5

Price 2

3.25 out of 5 Cool Points

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Sophima | Guest Contributor