Palworld: The Pokemon alternative for PC gamers? + Tokyo Game Show 2022 Day 2 Recap!

We know how busy most of our audience is... and so what better way to catch up on TGS2022 than to recap from beginning to end? Before we jump into that, (I have to say) Palworld... will surely steal some of Pokemon's potential fans if the game is solid and keeps the party going for the long haul. I was going back and forth like... is this Pokemon? No... wait... is it? No that's not a Pokeball, but... what if it is? Wait... Palworld?! Holy crap!

It's been a while since that initial reaction, but... it's still there. I feel that Palworld is definitely the Pokemon-inspired alternative for PC gamers, but not only that, I honestly think that the game will make some gamers completely turn away from Pokemon. I'm not saying that Poke fanatics would swear off on the franchise, but... there are PC gamers year in and year out who waver on buying select consoles based on exclusive games. Pokemon is one of those franchises that have made some consider the Nintendo Switch, and... you know our motto... it doesn't matter where you game, fun it up!

I just think this alternative seemingly has the potential to make some PC gamers say... "I'm good with Palworld", especially with the Steam Deck in existence. You have all of your existing games from day 1 of your Steam account activation up until whatever badge you have to celebrate how long you've been gaming on Steam... and you're able to enjoy games like Palworld when it launches in 2023.

It gives me Pokemon X Monster Hunter vibes, to be honest... and I'm all for it. So whether you're gaming on the go... or with a Steam Dock of sorts, if Palworld is as awesome as we hope it will be... good memories are just waiting to be made.

By the way, if you need a good alternative to the official Steam Dock, consider these options:

No word on what the official dock will cost, but it will likely cost more.

Here are the visuals of the third-party Steam dock. They look almost the exact same, but... the official dock has the ethernet port. You should be able to connect an ethernet port via one of the USB ports, but... if you need to buy something additionally... you're better off buying another option.


+ Tokyo Game Show 2022 Day 2 Recap!