AWP Pro Fingerless High Performance Work Gloves... Reviewed!

Many thanks to the AWP team for supplying gloves for this review. My opinions are my own.

I've utilized various types of gloves over the years and the ones that have a fingerless option tend to extend my tolerance regarding wear time. I need grip, durability, and comfort to decrease strain on my hands... at the right price. Do the AWP Pro Fingerless High-Performance Work Gloves measure up?
Let's find out.

Grip: I find myself using my exposed fingers a lot, so I do need full gloves at times, but... these work well for situations where I can go fingerless comfortably. 

When working, your fingers will get messy (duh of the day... they're fingerless) depending on the type of work you do, but if you're moving computers around and you need to replace parts or set up something... you're good to go. 

You don't have to worry about the material being in the way when screwing in something but you don't have to worry about it slipping... and the gloves cover the parts of the fingers where it should. 

The extended fabric below the finger works well... and it's not connected to fabric that runs around to an equal length so the bend is much better.

Durability: In terms of durability, it's safe to say that these gloves won't fall apart. I've even tested the finger holes on these gloves to see if they'd rip if I stretched them a little and... they didn't. I didn't go all in on the stretch, but I added some oomph to the pull. I also tugged on various parts of the glove to see/hear any potential ripping.

I haven't had the chance to do a great deal with these gloves just yet, but my experience with them has been good enough to check off that they're durable.

Comfort: Comfort is okay. I like them in terms of wearing these fingerless gloves for a longer period of time without feeling like my hands are in a compression sweat suit. On the other hand, there isn't padding in the palm area to help decrease strain when working for long stretches of time. The backside of the hand has padding, which is a plus when you need to stand up when getting off the ground using your fist.

To be honest, I've also used these to hit a punching bag as well. They feel nice, and outside of the fingers not being covered, these gloves have other breathable areas.

Price: Pricewise... the AWP Pro Fingerless HP Work Gloves are available for $10.47 for large, and $11.97 for extra large. Not bad at all. I would have some pushback if they were $15 to $16 because there are comparable options out there with increased grip and padding.

Overall, these are some nice gloves that I'd reserve for certain jobs where I need my hands to be more flexible and I need to do more technical things with my hands.

Grip 5

Durability 5

Comfort 4

Price 5

4.75 out of 5 Cool Points

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