The Money Tournament featuring PAC-MAN 256! You in?

We're pleased to announce our first tournament and you're welcomed to join in. The selected game is simple enough for anyone to play, and so are the rules presented below. So what game is it? It's PAC-MAN256. The spec requirements are low, so you can play it on a PC running in beast mode or... a simple laptop. 

So whether you're a new school or old school gamer... let's see what you've got. You can get the game on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox

We can't accept Apple or Android gameplay because you're able to continue from a loss and edit without notice.

How To Join

Record up to 1-Hour (Max) of your gameplay in PAC-MAN 256

  • Must record video from the start of the gameplay (no edits)
  • You don't have to be on video.

  • If you don't know how to record your gameplay on Windows 10, press the Windows (logo) key + G key on your keyboard.
  • When the boxes pop up, go to the one labeled "Capture" and press the "Start Recording" button.

  • Just hover your mouse over the button to make sure that's the one.

  • When you're done with gameplay, press the "Stop" button next to the recording timer.

  • Your video should be in the Captures folder in your videos folder.


Upload Video To YouTube During The Tournament Dates:

  • June 11, 2021 - July 9, 2021 (by 11:59PM PST)

  • The video can be unlisted, it will be shared for everyone to see.

  • Mobile gamers are welcome, but you can't continue.


How To Win:

  • The 3 players with the Highest Scores Win!

Winners Announced:

  • July 22nd or July 23rd (2021) which allows time to review the videos.


  • 1st Place - $20 Amazon Gift Card or Equivalent

  • 2nd Place - $10 Amazon Gift Card or Equivalent

  • 3rd Place - $5 Amazon Gift Card or Equivalent

Email Your YouTube Link To:

This will give you an idea of gameplay. Your goal is simply to get the highest score among those who enter, that's it. Good luck and... game on!

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