Dear Developers: Taking A Step Back In Specs... Could Be A Win (on PC)!

You might be looking at this title wondering what am I getting at... NOW, but I really want you to consider something. I know that there are plenty of gamers out there rocking the latest and greatest GPU's in the market, but you can pull off great looking games with minimum's seen below:

Video Card

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 (2GB) DirectX 11

Pixel Shader 5.0

Vertex Shader 5.0

Dedicated Video RAM 2GB


Intel Core i5-4460 (3.40GHz); Quad-core Processor



Minimum OS

Windows 10 (64-bit OS)

I won't speak on disk space because... content varies and increases with DLC. You might be wondering what game would run on these types of specs, and the answer is... Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Sure the game was released some time ago (2015 to be exact), but at the minimum specs, it still looks good (in 2021). It doesn't stifle the ability to provide better quality via recommended specs or even the highest resolutions, you just open the door to more gamers.

There are games that miss out on a larger audience because the developers limit the range. The higher the specs the lower the percentage when it comes to PC players able to play that game. A game doesn't require specs as low as those seen in CS:GO but look at the audience for CS:GO.

Between May 13, 2021 and May 20, 2021... there were more nearly a million players in-game every single day (according to the Steam Charts).

There are games that look far better than CS:GO and you have to cross your fingers in hopes that someone is online to play with. There are gamers who hold onto yesterday's tech for quite some time, so I think taking a step back could prove to be... a win.

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