Firm Grip: Dura-Knit Work Gloves... Reviewed!

Before I jump in, shout out to the firm grip team for supplying the product for this review!

I don't think there's much to say outside of the categories below... so let's jump right in.

Build: First and foremost... I want to point out that these gloves are described as having 3D Knit technology, which gives them a second-skin fit. I'll come back to the way they feel based on this tech, but for now, I can say that the gloves are durable as far as the build quality goes. The top of the glove features the knitted area which I confirm is a tight breathable knit.

Firm Grip's palm side features these little triangles in a nice useful pattern, which covers the full palm, fingers, and even around to the purlicue and the inner sides of the thumb + pointer fingers.  So the gloves ensure that you can grip pipes and just about anything else without exhausting the hands to hold whatever you're trying to grip up. The look of these gloves reminds me of MMA & ATV gloves, which is awesome... because there is a sea of plain work gloves out there.

As seen here, you get a velcro strap to ensure that your gloves remain in place. What you don't see (at a glance)... is the padded area that covers the knuckles and upper area of the fingers. Nice touch because some gloves give no cover in this area and sometimes you have to lean or get up or down on your fists, but also let's not forget about those times where our hands hit something by mistake. Knuckle + Corner of a Board = Brace yourself for some pain... unless they're protected!

These gloves feature a little grip near the wrist area so that you can easily pull the gloves up and on. Firm Grip: Dura-Knit Work Gloves also feature little holes in the palm side area to keep the hands cool. If you're familiar with how hot your hands can get with certain gloves, I'm sure you appreciate this feature.

Comfort: These gloves are described as having 3D Knit Technology, and... have a second-skin fit. I'd say that you should get the right size to make it true because you don't want these gloves to be loose while trying to grip something (say no to slack). They feel better than some other gloves I've worn, and I did get this Spiderman vibe while wearing them, but... I still had to take the gloves off for intricate things (but they are work gloves). The intricate things I mention, refer to things like trying to screw tiny screws into something.

I won't say that everyone will have the exact same experience because we don't all have the same fingers & hand sizes. I tried to pull the gloves on as far as I could and strap them on, but I still got a slight looseness (very slight). I'm pretty sure someone with my hand size and slightly longer fingers would be good to go. Overall, they feel good, they aren't restrictive and I've been able to use my phone with ease, carry boards, etc. I mention the phone... because you don't have to take your glove off to make a call, answer the phone, or whatever else you plan on using it for during your handy work.

Comfort-wise I can't complain, the holes spare my hands the sweat along with the knit (no pruney fingers so far). I wore them for a max of about 3.5 hours, and you end up forgetting about them while working because they don't give that weird stranglehold on your hands with no room to breathe. I like that, because if you have a long day... you need good gloves so that you don't have to give your hands a break outside of lunchtime.

Grip: The grip on these gloves is made of silicone and actually provides a solid grip.

Don't believe me? No worries... click the play button!

The grip of these gloves had me wondering if they could assist with free running. I won't say that I'm ready to run out and parkour at the risk of landing on the back of my head... but I must say... I thought about it for the Spiderman cosplay fans and whether the gloves would help with scaling half walls.

Price: Pricewise the Firm Grip: Dura-Knit Work Gloves come in at... $14.97. This is deep in the impulse purchase area because they're $15, they don't suck, I'm loving the grip + comfort, and... I can use them for a variety of things (outdoors & indoors). These gloves are available now at Home Depot & (duh of the day!).

Build 5

Comfort 5

Grip 5

Price 5

5 out of 5 Cool Points

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