Mask Up Mondays: NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 (Playoffs Game 2)

Happy Monday... you know what time it is!

Shout out to the essential workers representing and keeping things going on the frontlines, I even wear masks in the drive-thru or curbside out of respect (so I'm not increasing their risk). There are workers being verbally and physically attacked for wearing masks, and trying to enforce the use of masks in the workplace because customers are required to wear them in the store.

Sometimes the attacks stem from reminders to... mask up, sometimes they're just brought on by the sight of masks or the sign on a door or window. If you're one of those mask protestors, let me start off by saying... that's not cool and this pandemic is bigger than your wants.

 You don't have to turn to violence because you don't want to wear a mask (to stop the spread), and it's only going to cause the unwanted thing to occur which are full-on lockdowns. The people defying every suggestion to mask up in buildings or around others outside, keep a safe distance, and sanitize... are the people that keep the spread going strong. That's like fuel in a fire, it only helps the fire spread.

If you don't want lockdowns, stores not allowing customers in or only allowing a few in at a time... while hundreds more are waiting in line, job loss due to businesses going belly up, (dude) just wear the mask. If a fire has nowhere to spread, it burns out.

Wearing masks stops the spread, so imagine COVID-19 if everyone acted accordingly and wore their masks. People are dying, people are losing their jobs, people are being evicted, companies are losing business, essential workers are getting sick, and that only increases the scarcity of everything when you think about it. It doesn't require you to wear it in your car, just wear it in stores and public buildings around others, and when you're in crowded spaces and areas where you will interact with things where the public, in general, will go (i.e. gas stations).

Not sure what type of mask is most effective? Take a look at this lab test from June, where the Florida Atlantic University researchers developed a cough emulator lab configuration to determine what the most effective mask would be. The focus is air droplets and how effective certain masks are, and we have the most effective masks in the test available for you w/ a coupon code to save 15% off. So take a look at the video to verify for yourself, and... let's flatten the curve.