Violent Video Games Linked To Increased Physical, Aggressive Behavior In Children?

Okay ladies and gentlemen, its time to get a bit... deep (but we've been here before)! My responses are highlighted in gray. - Blu

Provided by Austin, TX Based - Clinical Forensic Psychologist Dr. John Huber

Do video games make children more prone to violence? An analysis of numerous studies by researchers at Dartmouth University found that children who play violent video games show an increased tendency toward physical, aggressive behavior.
Previous research has shown that children who play violent video games are more likely to exhibit physical aggression, but a vocal minority disputes these findings. Researchers conducted a thorough meta-analysis of 24 studies from locations around the world from 2010 to 2017, with more than 17,000 participants ages nine to 19 years old. 

My argument has never changed on this subject... and my questions remain the same. Some of you remember my argument from over 10 years ago (yes over 10 years ago). Why are some PARENTS buying their children video games that aren't for their age group? Seriously, why? It doesn't matter what they want or how bad they want it... you can't buy your elementary school kid Call of Duty, Resident Evil, Grand Theft Auto, and a number of other Mature games... only to complain and blame games and their developers. Check out the shirts below.

No Ma'am & no Sir(!)... doesn't work like that. Do you know what personal responsibility is? If you don't know... let me spell it out: Personal responsibility is when a person is held accountable for their own actions. The ESRB ratings are on the games for a reason. Has yet to stop some parents from buying certain games for their kids only to have some of the up yay hours of the morning online swearing and sometimes swatting other gamers. Video games are not forced into anyone's home against their will for their kids to partake in, neither are violent movies, neither is music with explicit lyrics, neither are adult movies, neither are guns and a number of other things. What about making sure your kids can't access certain content online (including violent videos posted on Youtube)?

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Speaking of guns... do you lock them away or tell your children that they're hands off?

What about adult movies and tv shows that cross the line of what's appropriate for an underaged audience? The rabbit hole goes deep folks. I'm not saying that some video games have content that can assist in grooming a child's aggression and interest in violence. My question is... why provide an impressionable child such games? There are tons of games they can indulge in that don't involve headshots, and beating digital people to a bloody pulp, but are you willing to provide them with that?

If your child is already in the deep in, seek help. If your child is swimming in that direction... seek help. If your child has yet to even partake in games... make a choice to be the adult and keep the game purchases... age appropriate. While you're at it... do the same for other forms of content. The game industry can't raise our children. My daughter's name is Clementine, after the Walking Dead's Clementine... but she's just a baby... she has never seen me play such a game or watch the show (I'm cognizant).

Every child won't turn out violent or more aggressive from games (I'm living proof) but keep it age appropriate just in case. If you also game, consider stashing your games and playing when they aren't around. There are a slew of kids who outfox their parents and other family at times... so I can't say its always preventable, but the effort helps.


Q. What are your thoughts about this study and do you agree that video games can cause people to become physically aggressive?

A. Yes... it's definitely possible, just like other forms of entertainment (i.e. MMA) could possibly cause people to become physically aggressive. There are people who don't play video games, but they like to put their hands on other kids, teens, and adults.
Q. Do you think a person who plays a lot of video games has a “disease”?

A. Again... it's possible, but some people become obsessed with their favorite pass time. If someone just loves video games and its a way to escape, I wouldn't call it a disease. There are some kids who have to move from area to area based on a parents job, kinda hard to make friends... so they game online to enjoy a slice of social life. This also includes adults. There are tons of adults that work so much that social life is non-existent, especially if they have to move around a lot for their job. Sometimes that friends list is the only group of friends a person may have... so what may seem like a disease may be their only social life.

There are people who forget to bathe, eat and take care of themselves to the point that their health is affected. There are people who go nuts if they can't play a game daily. I'd see that as a potential disease, but for others... no, there are circumstances outside of a love for gaming that nabbed any chance of a solid social life.
Q. Do you think that video games can actually have a positive impact on a person’s mental health?

A. Absolutely. Video games not only help with hand-eye coordination for many gamers but look at the games that challenge players to... think. There are games that challenge your memory in some areas, while others focus exclusively on brain building. I can't give this credit to all games... but it's safe to give it to most games.

Q. If the US embraces The World Health Organization’s decision on video games does that mean that drugs will be able to be prescribed in an attempt to treat or cure the disease?

A. I don't know. I don't know if that would be a good thing or a bad thing. I guess they can help some people with a deeper problem that involves obsession, but I don't think the meds will help everyone. It's a great excuse to pump out more meds, but let's be honest... there are a lot of meds that have screwed up a lot of people. Look at the commercials, some mention a solution during 10% of the commercial... while the other 90% of the freaking commercial focuses on the side effects... which sometimes include death. At times the problem can worsen too.

I can't remember how many times I've seen a commercial showcasing a new medication... and the persons at the beach or doing something fun... and then... a year or two later there's a lawyer seeking clients who fell victim to said medication (i.e. "If you or one of your loved ones used... blah blah blah... you may qualify for a settlement").

Thanks for the questions... and if anything I hope my responses make a positive impact.

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