Amazon Restaurants... Reviewed!

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Before I get to my post of the Top Audiences for Last Week, I'm doing a review for Amazon Restaurants service. Yep... me... señor Snack King (not to be confused with señor smoothy buns)! I'm doing the review this time around! Gwahahaha! Thank you to Amazon for covering the meal... we wouldn't pass up on that! Hehehehe (Hi Mom!)

So we went through Amazon using a prime account to access their restaurants' service, and based on our location... it populated tons of restaurants in the area. We're surrounded by restaurants big and small, so we looked through a few.

Once you find the type of food you have a taste for, check out their menu and food you want to add to your order. You don't get access to every single meal through some restaurants, but it's a simple... cool process for the meals that are on the menu. I wanted seafood.

You check out just like the regular Amazon orders, but it comes a lot quicker. Our food came in about 30 minutes and they didn't make the food until the delivery driver got there. So it was fresh... I like fresh, crispy, DELICIOUS. I guess the restaurants have delivery seals they put on the meals so that you can tell if it was opened or not.

They have a minimum $10 requirement for your order, but there is also a $3.99 fee that doesn't include tip. Blu isn't a fan of ordering in for a number of reasons, and fees are one of them... but the fee comes with the territory if you choose to use the service. They put a suggested tip amount there, but you ultimately decide on what that is. I don't know if you have the option to select no tip, but... if you do that for the sake of tipping cash, tip cash. Do that at restaurants too so the staff doesn't have to wait until payday. Those tips aren't always paid in full. The delivery lady was friendly, gave me the order and she was on her way. I don't want to say that's always the case, but Amazon should stress the importance of that (please please please)... because customer service is great for business online and in-person.

The service is quick and easy, but make sure that you call Amazon if the restaurant no longer has the item you ordered. This happened to us the first time we ordered, so we spoke with them, and they canceled the entire order quickly. LOVE IT!

Freshness 5
Service 5
Timeliness 5
Fee 5

5 out of 5 Cool points!

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