Google Plus goes buh-bye!

As of February 4th, Google Plus began its shutdown. Google Plus pages like ours will also bite the dust April 2nd, 2019 (tear tear).

Google plus always felt like the little engine that couldn't... but... it tried. Why didn't it reach its full potential? That's a great question for Google. They have a popular phone OS (one of the giants), they have Chromecast, they have Chromebook, they have Chrome, they have YouTube (and then some). There was actually going to be a "Dear Developers" post speaking about Google Plus (etc) but... it's still sitting in the draft area from January 2nd, 2019.

Now that it's end has come... I guess i'll go ahead and speak about it and how it could've survive. Basically, I think Google Plus would've been bigger than it was if it were actually a lot more cohesive with other Google apps than it was. Yes you can share... just like we shared on Google Plus, but if it were more integrated in the Android phones, Chromebooks, and so forth... it wouldn't have felt like it was tucked in the back somewhere.

Before they even launched Google Plus... they should've figured out how to have Google Plus comments sync with YouTube comments or replace it. Standard chat on Chromebook and Android could've been through Google Plus using our contacts that we add to our chat list. That could've included standard phone contacts, and contacts through Google apps. Google Plus isn't the only app that would've been covered in that post... because I wanted to highlight that Google and other software developers should consider making things cohesive for one kick ass ecosystem.

Making multiple ambitious apps that serve a number of purposes is cool. Different strokes for different folks, but... if its something meant to target the user base at large... its sad to see the resources wasted on something that likely just needed a bit more integration in the right places. I'm curious though... will there be something new from Google that rises like a Phoenix from the ashes of Google Plus? We shall see.

If you have content that you'd like to salvage, get to it asap.

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