HNY... It's 2018! + Game Codes!

Happy New Year everyone... it's 2018, so let me do the honors of saying I wish you the best. May this be the best year in gaming yet, and... may the 1st be with you. :p - Blu
Wasteland | EMMCY-F04GH-0L8GV
Happy New Year, game all night, eat some cold pizza and wake up ready to kick ass in 2018! - Luis D. Lucha

Happy 2018, leave swatting in 2017! - Yang

Happy New Year... I think it's only fair to hide a few game codes for you guys to find. They will be in white text so you will have to highlight in order to find them. - RkRk
Kingdom: New Lands | RDY37-ZHHRB-EYWW2

Brought to you by the... Baby Fu Clothing Co!
The Bard's Tale | EHZEI-XT9VC-Q8LC0