eniTAB360 Universal Tablet Holder... reviewed!

Got a tablet? Need a versatile holder without it being a high priced first-party accessory? This review is for you. 

One of the reasons I give props to this tablet holder right off the bat is the ability to connect it to any tablet... you don't have to worry about a case that can house a certain size tablet because it connects to the back of any you have. I know that prompts the question... "Can it hold big and small tablets?", and I have to say that it does... based on which size you buy. The small one can hold tablets up to 8.5" and the larger one can hold tablets 8.5" and larger (I'm not talking about Wacom Cintiq 27" tablets... think portable ones like iPads).

This universal tablet stand adjusts without having to detach or retighten anything, and since it's not as bulky as it could be... you can keep it attached to your tablet inside a protective travel case. There is actually a Filofax case that has a reserved sleeve for the kickstand, which makes sense as the maker of the attachment.

The thing that attaches the holder to your tablet is a micro-suction technology (silicone based polymer) that holds quite well from my experience, and since you're able to spin this thing 360 degrees it'd better. Going back to the grip, no need to worry about it being stuck to your tablet forever more... because it comes off and left no marks. The package actually comes with this little removal card if you desire to take it off, so no need to buy it over again if you switch tablets.
This tablet holder also includes a friction hinge and grips on the kickstand... so no need to worry about the eniTAB360 sending your tablet sliding. I know it can rotate and also tilt your tablet, but one thing I'd prefer is the ability to lock it in place. I know the sides of tablets are flat and that works, but a plus would be the ability to lock it in place for those not so conventional placements.

eniTAB360 comes in a pretty good retail box that should keep it protected in shipping, and the overall attachment is lightweight and durable. One thing I'd change about this attachment is the $19.99 retail price tag, which isn't super steep, but the sweet spot would be $14.99 to me... and $9.99 would be a steal.

Overall, the eniTAB360 allows you to bypass the more expensive and/or bulky tablet holders... while still maintaining quality, durability, and portability. I didn't feel like I was carrying anything extra around because it's attached directly to the back of the tablet without adding extra unnecessary weight. So if I want to watch some movies on a plane, play a game, read an eBook, etc... nothing else is needed to accommodate me (except my headphones).

Product Design 5
Product Quality 5
Functionality 5
Accessories 5
Price 4

4.75 out of 5 Cool Points

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This product was sent to SDGT Entertainment by the Filofax company.