HITMAN SNIPER... reviewed!

Hello agents, thank you for checking out this quick review of... Hitman Sniper. Prepare for your next mission objectives, hit the field and get the job done in the most creative way possible to become the best hitman around.

In this game, you are still in the shoes of the ever-smooth Agent 47, but this time instead of getting up close and personal... you're taking aim as a sniper (hence the name, Hitman Sniper).

You not only have to concern yourself with obtaining a score to complete all mission objectives at times, you also have to take out the main target, get explosive kills, undetected kills and all that good stuff.

It's a perfect fit for mobile, allowing you to get in... play a mission and get out in very little time. This is a plus for parents and even students who want to game in between life's happenings. I recommend these sorts of games to adults who gamed at one point and don't feel as if they have the time to get back in. You don't need hours, grab something that only requires a few minutes to enjoy.

If you're familiar with Hitman, then you'll know that you will play in the same environment multiple times with different objectives. For those of you who think you may get annoyed by that... it's possible, but Hitman tends to deliver plenty of objectives, and in Hitman Sniper... you're busy focusing on the objectives and the clock so that concern might take a back seat. The challenge to complete these objectives comes into play when the AI of the NPC's is enhanced, which allows them to become suspicious, alarmed, etc... I like that a lot.

The visuals are pretty good, the audio is decent and there is a charming depth to this game that got my attention the first time I played it. I also like the way the user interface is set up... although there needs to be a simple "quit" option on the UI menu. Some phones don't always show the phone's default “Home” option to exit.

Replay value comes in the form of leaderboards and trying to see how you can top the competition... and you're also able to showcase those skills by uploading your gameplay to Twitter or Facebook. YouTube is listed as a video sharing option... but it doesn't work (at least for me).

You also get a mode in this game titled “Death Valley” where you take on the zombies while trying to protect people. I haven't had the pleasure of playing this mode because an error comes up while downloading for some reason. It could be the phone I'm reviewing, but we shall see. I'll update this once I can play it.

Cons are easily the gun prices. Developers (in this case Square Enix), if the in-game items cost way more than the damn game... that's a huge problem. "Gigantic problem aisle one, overpriced DLC!" You have a gun in this game for $49.99. Yeah... hell no, that's 1 or more different game purchases. Luckily you don't have to pay for these guns in order to gain access to other options, but I'd instead provide more game content with guns included. 

Overall, this is a pretty good game... delivering satisfying gameplay with nice visuals and audio. Outside of the DLC, I don't really have any complaints.

Fun factor: 5Visually: 4Replay value: 4Price: 5

"4.5 / 5 Cool Points"


"2 / 5 Cool Points"

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