Nintendo NX + From the Source + Microsoft 10 updates WILL sabotage Steam?

The image you see here is a pretty good looking... concept, but it isn't the actual console or controller (though i'd want dual analogs and all that good stuff). I wish Nintendo were delivering something a bit more traditional, because the core adult gamers are the ones purchasing games more often... for the most part. I say that to say there are a lot of people who just prefer an even better... traditional experience (hence the major support for PS4), but if Nintendo can deliver the system in a way that gives access to core games... plus Nintendo's headliners, then kudos.

They can take it either way, but they have to remember what happened with the Wii U. The price point was not the problem, it was the product delivered at that price point. Hearing that the NX dev kits use the Tegra X1 chip similar to the Nvidia Shield makes me think that it has to be streaming. We definitely look forward to seeing what Nintendo will bring here and we'd expect the system to come in around $199.99 to open a few more wallets... but they have to have the right stuff.

They may be able to obtain more 3rd party titles this route if they are streamed, but we have to wait and see. Will there be a huge surge in sales? Who knows, but I think seeing the hardware would help with the determination of confidence when it comes to the decision of giving the system a whirl. I believe this decision is likely easier based on the eShop purchases vs retail if they go that way.


From the source action:
Make Kamurocho Yours as Yakuza 0 Will Hit the Streets on January 24
Pre-Orders Are Now Available in the Americas and Europe!

It's time to put on your best white suit and glitter like gold, because Yakuza 0 will be available in the Americas and Europe on January 24, and pre-orders for the origin story to SEGA's long running gangster series begin today. Yakuza 0 will be released physically and digitally for $59.99 in the west (yes, that means physical copies for Europe too) for the PlayStation 4 system. (Reminder, even though it was released on PS3 as well in Japan, the game will come to the west ONLY on PlayStation 4.)

Although 1980s Japan appears to be a colorful wonderland on the surface, the bright lights and flashy clothes can only cover so much of the seedy Japanese underworld. It takes money, power, and respect to keep this alluring illusion running, and it just so happens that Yakuza 0's two gangster protagonists are hungry for it all. Players will follow the genesis of Kazuma Kiryu, the rising Dragon of Dojima, and Goro Majima, before he's known as the Mad Dog of Shimano, as they pursue the almighty Yen. The Japanese thug life isn't all disco halls and phone clubs, because Kiryu and Majima will need to pass hellish trials and tribulations in order to be considered honorable Yakuza.

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                  Square Enix
LOS ANGELES (July 25, 2016) – SQUARE ENIX® today unveiled a teaser trailer for the upcoming FINAL FANTASY® role-playing adventure game tailored for mobile platforms, MOBIUS FINAL FANTASYThe game features fast paced action battles, deep character customization and console-quality HD visuals that push the boundaries of the mobile platform.

Coming to iPhone, iPad and Android devices on August 3MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY tells the story of a man who wakes up in a world called Palamecia with no memory of his past. There, he finds himself tasked with bringing hope to the world by unraveling a mysterious prophecy around the legendary warrior of light. The game is being created by an all-star development team including producer Yoshinori Kitase and writer Kazushige Nojima – known for their work on the acclaimed FINAL FANTASY VII and upcoming FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE.

To celebrate and welcome new players to the game, fans will receive a variety of rewards, ranging from Elixirs, Crystals, Summon Tickets and other special in-game items, to prepare themselves for the epic journey ahead. Players are encouraged to pre-register as additional rewards will be added to celebrate the 150,000 pre-registered players. More information regarding the rewards can be found on the official site:


Microsoft plans to negatively impact Steam? According to Tim Sweeney, yes!

You know... I did not feel right about updating to Windows 10. One system in the office has it and... that's probably how it's going to stay, why? Something that I was concerned about was brought up by Epic Games co-founder. Supposedly Windows 10 updates will eventually sabotage... Steam.

Tim says that Steam's storefront is one of Microsoft's first targets, and I can't say that it surprises me. Look at what happened with the Xbox One (and the temperature is going up as I type). If its one thing that I cannot stand... is that under handed force fed garbage that strips away options. WTF is that?

You know why I believe this? Well, think about it... Windows is a Microsoft OS, they were probably looking at the console market and realized that at this time PS4 is on fire and they need another way to make money so why not take advantage of their OS? It makes sense because it belongs to Microsoft, but PC is different... what's a personal computer that doesn't exactly feel... "Personal"?

Doing something like that will hopefully increase the OS competition bringing birth to comparable options and may it burn Microsoft the way they were burned with Xbox One so that they fly... fair for the customers. If its like that, why didn't they create a game maker out of Project Spark that allowed it to be an actual software to develop, publish and sell games? Even if its just on Xbox One & Windows 10 to increase the exclusivity, that would make more sense than burning gamers (pretty much) to burn a competitor in order to turn Windows 10 into a money machine.

That may appear to get the Windows 10 a win but it may be temporary... followed by a crash. Think about it seriously, how many people will jump back to Windows 7 or stick to it until the day its just that... obsolete if problems prevent them from making the most of the OS? How many people would just stop using Windows because they just don't want to deal with Microsoft... opting for something else because it gives them the functions they need to get by (even if limited because they just use their phone primarily)? 

I know several people who own consoles and game solely on consoles (most have a PS4) that specifically asked me about Chromebook options because PC isn't really something they use and have downsized (unlike myself).

I don't want to go in another direction with this, I just want to mention that... any intentions to sabotage are not going to help Windows 10 (in my opinion), especially when someone may have considered PC gaming... but hearing that the forecast looks bad (they may not even try or go for a Steam Machine or something). This is just a super face palm in the face of gamers and it sucks... and I hope its all just a big misunderstanding (even if that's a lie on their part that appears true because they scrapped a disastrous idea to maintain the public faith they do have). Don't do it Microsoft!