Hitman: Elusive Target... Gary Busey (Eliminated)

This was a pretty interesting target even if I would've preferred an even greater dial up on the complexity.

They threw in a splash of comedy for good measure as I came across actor Gary Cole dissing in-game co-star Busey.

Following Cole led me to Busey a little too easily, but taking Busey out was a different story. He keeps moving... so I acted fast to capitalize on a moment that would have gone... POOF in seconds.

So I took him out thinking I was 100% home free when it comes to the rooftop where I took the shot. So I go back inside and hide the rifle in the trash (right)... and then I went towards the door and used the instinct view. (DUDE) There were around 7 to 9 armed security running up the stairs to the safe house apartment/flat.

I was like... "oh snap (!)" and ran into the kitchen to hide. They ran out to where I initially was, while one stood near the doorway of the kitchen. It was a sticky situation... and I was wondering if I'd be able to make it out of there either fighting, shooting and/or just trying to run.

I thought they were just going to leave, but the ones on the deck turned around and made their way to the kitchen. OMG... talk about the panic, but what I had completely forgot was... I wasn't seen committing a crime, and... I changed my clothing to a guards attire. So when they came in I tried to slide by before anything went to hell... but it didn't. One of the guards told me to... be on the lookout. What a relief, I did what I could to make it downstairs and then into a car down the street to wrap things up.

While this mission could've ended in failure... it didn't,  and it was awesome to experience that situation that brought more strategy into play in. If I didn't change clothing, I would've likely been taken out. Game on! -Blu