From the Source: EA - Battlefield Hardline: Betrayal + Star Wars: The Old Republic - KotfE Anarchy in Paradise

If you... ever saw someone at the end of a hall holding a sword and looking at... you, just run! :p
This is for those of you that own or plan to own Battlefield Hardline and want to get in on DLC.

So, it’s all come down to this. You’ve assembled a crew, pulled off the perfect heist, and made a whirlwind escape from the police. Now, there are enemies lurking in the frozen shadows, dark figures hiding behind crumbling mausoleums, and confrontations brewing in back alleys and federal prisons. Battlefield™ Hardline: Betrayal* is coming this March 2016, and brings new maps, weapons, vehicles, and more.
Here’s what’s on deck for owners of Battlefield™ Hardline: Betrayal...
· Four intricate maps: Alcatraz, Cemetery, Chinatown, and Thin Ice
· 7 new weapons
· 2 new vehicles
· Customize primary weapons and uniforms with the Gun Bench Super Feature, and test them at the Gun Range
· New Assignments and Legendary weapon camos

In addition, all users will receive a base game update that includes 11 new weapons and new server presets. After the update, every Gold Battlepack you open may also contain a weapon license voucher –a Distinguished class item that unlocks an entire weapon license. Check the forums when the update is released for our official patch notes to learn all about the stability and usability improvements that will be included in this upcoming release.

Battlefield™ Hardline: Betrayal is bursting with new experiences, whether you’re customizing your weapons and uniforms with the Gun Bench or getting into gunfights in Alcatraz. Get ready – it’s coming for Battlefield Hardline Premium members in March 2016. 


Watch the new launch trailer here.

BioWare and Lucasfilm today released a new chapter in the episodic story, Star WarsTM: The Old RepublicTM – Knights of the Fallen Empire.  Anarchy in Paradise is the first in a series of seven new chapters and introduces the infamous mercenary known as Firebrand, who’s on a mission to destroy the Eternal Empire.

With the addition of Firebrand to the Alliance, it is up to the Outlander to decide just how far he or she is willing to go to defeat the Eternal Emperor. 

Star Wars: The Old Republic – Knights of the Fallen Empire launched last fall, continuing an epic adventure that also serves as a starting point for new players at Level 60.  The player-driven storyline puts fans at the center of their own Star Wars™ saga making choices that impact their story alongside unexpected twists and turns.  New players can jump right into the evolving story, create a new Level 60 character and start building their Alliance in the expansion which has been praised for its deep BioWare storytelling set in the rich Star Wars universe.

Knights of the Fallen Empire, including Anarchy of Paradise, is free to Subscribers.  Plus, Subscribers as of February 1, 2016 will be rewarded with the HK-55 Jetpack in-game item as part of the new Subscriber Rewards Program.