FTS: Twin Sails to Publish "Survival: Fountain of Youth"

Twin Sails Interactive to Publish Survival: Fountain of Youth, an Age of Exploration Caribbean Survival Adventure

Survival crafting game inspired by historical expedition receives new trailer ahead of spring 2023 early access launch

PARIS  Feb. 21, 2023  Twin Sails Interactive, the publisher of Gloomhaven and Ember Knights, has today announced a partnership with Odinsoft to publish Survival: Fountain of Youththe single-player survival game set in the 16th-century Caribbean islands. The agreement comes alongside a new video highlighting Survival: Fountain of Youth’s upcoming 2023 early access launch.

Dive into an open-world survival crafting experience as a shipwrecked member of Juan Ponce de León’s expedition for the Fountain of Youth. Awaken on the shores of an uninhabited archipelago and get to work securing shelter, food, and water. Stave off hunger, thirst, and dangerous diseases while exploring uncharted environments, scouring for clues to the missing crew’s location, and crafting weapons and tools to establish a base of operations.

Combine a myriad of materials to assemble a wealth of useful items. Start with primitive bows, ideal for small game hunting, and eventually progress to powerful muskets strong enough to fight back against the archipelago’s deadly predators. Lash wood together and build a simple raft capable of exploring nearby landmarks, and work tirelessly to eventually assemble a glorious Spanish schooner to patrol for secrets across the tropical paradise.

Travel to different islands with sea vessels to seek out signs of fellow explorers, but be prepared for unexpected challenges. Assemble supplies before setting out on sea voyages and unlock new regions by either uncovering mapping notes abandoned by previous expeditions, referencing copper plaques hidden in ancient ruins, or crafting more technologically advanced vessels capable of longer trips. Plot a route and set sail on an epic journey full of ancient civilizations to explore, mysterious messages from missing crew members, and the clues tied to the secret of the fabled Fountain of Youth.

Survival: Fountain of Youth’s upcoming early access launch allows the development team to continually update and iterate on the experience through a collaborative process of listening to and implementing community feedback to create an immersive survival crafting game inspired by historical events. The early access version will debut with two expansive regions to explore, full of resources, fauna, and secrets to uncover, with three additional regions planned in subsequent updates, adding new biomes, story quests, and much more.

“Finding a reliable publishing partner was as challenging as finding the Fountain of Youth, and we were thrilled to get in touch with Twin Sails,” said Stas Ignatov, Head of Publishing at Odinsoft. “Their deep analysis of the game, thorough expertise and genuine interest in the project were the key reasons for us to partner with them. Twin Sails is dedicated to helping Odinsoft make Survival: Fountain of Youth one of the top survival games of 2023 and fulfill players’ expectations in the best possible way.”

“We are thrilled to publish Survival: Fountain of Youth, the long-awaited unique blend of survival and historical fantasy,” said Nicolas Godement, Managing Director of Twin Sails. “We are very excited by the game’s expertly crafted mechanics immersing players in a world filled with danger and mystery, supported by a well-written story full of twists and turns. We look forward to working with Odinsoft’s team of adventurers to craft an unforgettable experience.”

Survival: Fountain of Youth will arrive on Windows PC via Steam Early Access in Q2 2023, with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S versions planned alongside the version 1.0 launch. For more information, wishlist Survival: Fountain of Youth on Steam.

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