Will Nintendo Switch Sports Be A Game Changer? It's Safe To Assume It Will Be!


Before I wrote about this, I had to discuss it with a few people... and I got more people to agree with me than not, but even those who disagreed eventually agreed also. So outside of my healthy dose of W's for the day... I wanted to share my thoughts about why the Nintendo Switch Sports game would be a game-changer.

The biggest duh of the day as to why it will be a game-changer is... it's the Wii Sports successor. This is a game Nintendo was holding on to until the time was right and that time will be April 29, 2022. I think this launch date aligns perfectly with the seasons of Spring + Summer so that when the kids are out of school they have something they can game together on in person or online with family + friends!

I know people still playing Wii Sports, so you already know how this might go when a prettier shiner funtastic looking successor pops up... it's gon' be on like Donkey Kong. You have new sports to play, but Nintendo didn't take the boneheaded approach to this... they brought some of the best ones along for the ride.

In Nintendo Switch Sports you can expect new additions like...Volleyball + Badminton (although I don't know how I feel about this one) when it could've been Basketball (like in Wii Sports Resort), Football, or even Hockey. I say that because beloved Tennis is already in the game, I have nothing against Badminton, but... consider the games people are really going to play and be different enough to have enough fans in those online sessions. I don't want Badminton getting neglected because Tennis is in the game, that's the only one I feel was just thrown in there (in my opinion).

Anyway, there is also Chambara which should put a smile on the faces of those training in Kendo & Iaido. Fun fact: I was in a Dojo where we were side by side with Kendo & Iaido students... so you could imagine the yelling while we were training in Uechi Ryu (Karate-Do). Fun times!

There is also the return of bowling, which is another beloved game from Wii Sports, but this time around you can play side by side with friends, family, and others online in different lanes (woot woot). The game looks great, they have it set up in a vibrant city-like area and if you look at the map, it looks like there might be some more sports in store... because there will be more (like one of my faves, which is Golf in Fall 2022). 

Nintendo Switch Sports golf tournaments would be sweeeeeetttt! Oh yeah... Survival Bowling should prove to be very interesting and should allow 20+ bowlers to lace up and... strike out the competition. Get it? #DadJokes people!

Soccer is also on deck, and I'm saving this one for last because... I wanted to point out an obvious similarity to another game. Nintendo Switch Sports has Rocket League written all over it, it doesn't matter if Nintendo denies this or not... it looks like a soccer game built from the Rocket League engine or something (from what I saw). That's not to say the game is bad, and if Rocket League developers have no objectives... neighbor do I, but either way, it should be fun..., especially with family and friends on the field.

Instead of these characters with the Rayman hands on deck, you have characters with arms this time around and the features have a lot more depth.

The few people who pushed back about why I felt that Nintendo Switch Sports would rock, all comments on the fact that Nintendo Switch is handheld. Know your tech! The Nintendo Switch has the name it has because you can switch from handheld gaming to console gaming on the telly... so you will be able to play the game on your TV in high resolution and continue your enjoyment of digital sports from 2022 and... beyond! Wii Sports brought new gamers into the fold, and I look forward to that trend continuing with its successor.

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