Mask Up Mondays: Muse Dash - Cage of Almeria + Overwatch League... Dropped!


Sponsors drop Overwatch League after harassment & civil rights violations lawsuit? Ouch!

Kellogg and State Farm are out while Coca-Cola takes a step back to reassess support, as reported by The Washington Post. T-Mobile branding is gone, what happened to Xfinity, IBM, and Teamspeak? Are they gone also? If it's true that there was widespread harassment of female employees at the company, what can anyone say? The company will have to take a step back and be more proactive in the way things are handled internally.

I know there are people who will feel a certain way about this, but this type of situation is why some men just avoid placing themselves in certain scenarios. This isn't a move to punish anyone in some cases, but I do see it as a better safe than sorry scenario. I won't say that this applies to the lawsuit in this case, but... there have been situations where something small was said or done and it was flipped to seem like something more. So I say, if it's not pertaining to work, leave it out of the workplace... you'll thank yourself later. The workplace is the only place for some people to truly socialize, but if you value your job... watch those words.

Legit harassment is a problem, and for the legit harassers, there needs to be a process that doesn't allow things to be swept under the rug. If the harassment is real, follow procedures to do what you need to do or the company ends up in the crosshairs of a lawsuit if it appears as if the person in the wrong is being protected. If it's truly widespread harassment and discrimination... sounds like the rug was pulled up.

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