Immerse Gaming | HIVE Spatial Audio Software... Reviewed!

I'd like to thank Team Embody for supplying this software for my review. My opinions are my own.


When it comes to spatial audio, I stepped into this review with experience of what this type of software delivers... but the Immerse spatial audio software seems to make things... personal.

Personalization: Out of the gate, the first thing that stood out to me was the request to take a photo of my ear. I thought that was interesting. I think it's cool because you're getting a more formulated sound based on the shape of your ear.

Tip: Get someone else to take the photo for the most accurate angle possible.

If you're wondering what that does, just think of how the sound would be delivered to your ears based on the layout. You're going to hear the audio with your ears, so having the audio customized to the shape of your ear... enhances the experience that much more.

Quality: In terms of the spatial audio quality, it delivers. You don't sit around waiting to hear the spatial audio kick in. I don't want to knock Windows Sonic, but that's me with Windows Sonic in terms of gaming. Immerse Gaming Hive gives an immediate response unless you have the volume down or you have another audio device selected (I have quite a few of those).

Before I go any further, spatial audio is this... 360-degree experience for your ears. This is one of the reasons ASMR caught me the way it did, it's truly immersive... so when you take software like Immerse Gaming and you apply that to games... it takes things to the next level for more gamers than those who can afford higher quality headphones. We hear the games through the stereo, but when your audio is taken to that evolutionary level that is... Spatial Audio, you feel it even more.

Features: When combined with the Audeze Mobius headphones, it was just a beautiful freaking experience. I can't wait to see the creativity in this space, because gaming truly takes a step forward with spatial audio.

Immersive Gaming Hive's software gives you the option to customize the sound for various genres. MMO, shooters, and more. The sound either expands to fit the world or decreases to fit close-quarters combat. Resident Evil Village is one of the more recent titles that take advantage of spatial audio... so if you have the guts to dive in, game on!

You also get the optional UI overlay, but... I recommend leaving it off in competitive multiplayer games. I don't recommend it because it's a detriment as far as affecting the performance of your system, but if you have something telling where the enemies are coming from... what type of challenge is that? In the least... it shouldn't be allowed in tournaments, but... I do think this is a great feature for gamers in the deaf & hearing-impaired community. If we get spatial audio, a visual sonar could be a plus for them... and evens the playing field in my opinion.

Price: Pricewise, this software comes at a very competitive price of $14.99/year or $39.99/5 years. I'd take the 5 years, though I don't believe that there should be any limitations on device amount or image submissions. They may be able to explain the reason why, perhaps it requires a stored profile on the companies end so that they aren't trying to match with each update or something, but... they already have existing headphones they do that for. Since the other headphones use default settings, that can't be the reason... so I don't think there should be limitations (mainly on the headphones). I guess I can understand the ear type, which also represents a user cap for the service.

Grab the Immerse Gaming Hive spatial audio software... here:

Personalization 5

Quality 5

Features 5

Price 5

5 out of 5 Cool Points

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