ACCELL USB-C to 3 HDMI Multi-monitor Hub... Reviewed!

An easy solution to connect your monitor... times 3!

ACCELL's USB-C to 3 HDMI Multi-monitor Hub... is a pretty useful device for anyone looking to connect multiple displays and today... I have the pleasure of reviewing it.

I actually opened it up while at a resort this past weekend, but we were sort of wrapped up in pool and beachside fun + gaming + snacks + food and other yaddas! There was a dude playing the Simpson's theme song on his electric guitar too... but I had no more juice to record it. Its safe to assume we had a blast!

Oh yeah... speaking of snacks, I had some glazed cinnamon apple fritters this past weekend that was just... oh my God. Those things were delicious and fresh from the bakery... but I digress.
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Anyway, if you have a USB-C output and you want multiple monitors... this type of hub really comes in handy (whether you're working with a desktop or laptop). This is something gamers, game developers, and other businessmen + businesswomen... can benefit via desired display solutions. Its portable with no external power cords required, and I appreciate the fact that there are vents on it because some devices get super hot with no place for that heat to escape.

As you see here... there are vents on both sides.

Clearly, you can connect three monitors with this device but... if your graphics card has two USB-C outputs... you can double the awesomeness with six monitors (using two hubs). They do note that... the max number of displays is based on the number of display pipes your video card has, so you'll have to refer to the manufacturer to see where you stand... if you don't know.

When using my laptop I definitely miss using multiple monitors because they're fantastic for productivity, but this hub gives me the option of adding more. If you have to travel and need this type of hub... I'd recommend portable monitors vs the standard ones. Even if you don't travel that often... get some good quality portable monitors if you can, trust me... you'll thank me later. Standards might be good for a home set up, but... you just never know when you'll end up on the go. You can get a laptop, this hub, and at least two portable monitors in a backpack or briefcase... to keep the productivity at a maximum at your destination.

For those of you unfamiliar with multiple monitor setups, you can mirror or extend your desktop displays. Mirror mode gives you the same display on each monitor, while extended desktop gives you a long desktop and lets you use the monitors individually... as seen below.

The ACCELL USB-C to 3 HDMI Multi-monitor Hub features:
  • Multi-Stream Transport (MST) protocol (Check to see if your source device is compatible)
  • Compatible with Thunderbolt 3
  • Data bandwidth up to 5.4 Gbps per lane, 21.6 Gbps total
  • Can simultaneously display 2 Ultra HD resolution
  • Compliant to HDMI 1.4b, HDCP 1.3
  • Advanced WideEye SerDes Technology capable of receiving data over a long range
Everyone has their preference, but why game and work on one monitor when you can utilize three?

Just a heads up... if you're planning on getting something like this with dreams of connecting three 4K displays, you won't be able to pull it off. Sorry... it's time for the cons. The hub can handle two 4K displays + one 1080p monitor, and if you have Mac OS... you will only be able to mirror three monitors (Mac OS doesn't support MST technology). So the hub does have limitations, but... I don't think they're deal breakers because you don't have to go 4K. I don't know about you, but I'd prefer my monitors to have the same resolution... so this gets a shrug from me (I don't have 4K monitors).

A plus about this hub... that I like about USB hubs, and others... is the ability to just unplug the hub. If I have to move a desktop or take my laptop on the go so I can eat and work... I like the ability to just unplug a hub and not a bunch of individual cords. I know its not a wow, but just as easy as I can detach it... I can reattach it without looking for each port to connect everything. This doesn't even have anything to do with a lack of ports... its just something I like because it's super convenient.

USB-C to 3 HDMI 1.4 Multi-display (MST) Hub

Price wise, this comes in at $144 on the main site but... if you click on their Amazon buy button you can totally get it for $120. If you want or need something like this, and more productivity means more money... the option is here. You may wonder why you should get this hub over comparable hubs, but... look closely at what they offer so you don't end up with a product that struggles. This hub has Advanced WideEye SerDes technology that not only allows you to receive data over a long range but... this works well for the lower quality HDMI cables as well. So keep an eye on what these devices offer, and I've seen others (i'm not calling any out) that have no mention of this.

Overall, the Accell USB-C to 3 HDMI Multi-monitor Hub... is a nice portable device that makes good use of one USB-C port. This is great for desktops, but even more so for the slimmer laptops with limited ports. Plus... there are no worries necessary when it comes to the hub just going out on you after purchase, because if it does... it comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

Design 5
Quality 5
Function 5
Price 4

4.75 out of 5 Cool Points

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