Dryel Update Number 3!

I've been using Dryel for months now... and the savings stand out big time. Not going to the dry cleaners is already a plus... that's fantastic in itself, but the savings add up too. I can't go on without mentioning the task of going to the cleaners (broken record)... because I tend to be busy, and I don't like running over there to grab clothing or getting so wrapped up in work or life in general that I forget to pick up clothing. I'm pretty sure I mentioned this before, but I just appreciate it. Delivery is cool, but it doesn't beat 15 to 30 minutes in the dryer at a fraction of the cost. Delivery costs... and I can't just accept it and not tip, so then that's even more out of pocket.

There are still certain items I would take to the dry cleaners... because this product doesn't cover every single fabric type, but there is NO WAY I'd go over there now unless I have to. Shirts and pants aren't going over there for sure... and I love that because that's what I wear the majority of the time (not the rare fabrics). The Dryel starter kit alone can cover 20 items... and the refill can cover 40 items. If I took a polo shirt or a pair of pants in a specific dry cleaning business (I won't name names)... I'm looking at $5.25, which doesn't cover the times I need that pair of pants or a shirt.

Recently, I had a blueberry stain on my polo out of nowhere (hmmm... Clementine may have had something to do with that), and we had to leave in less than an hour. Dryel shaved down on the time of changing shirts, and I was out the door in time for food + dessert and of course... FUN! That was the same day I received Silver the Hedgehog, for those of you who follow us on social media.

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20 items is $105 in Drycleaning?!
Doing the math without adding gas and time... that's (wait for iiiittttt) $105! Multiply that by two when compared to the refill. If you're already gaming on a budget, like many others... shedding a light on where the money is actually going can help.

$105 can buy a Dryel starter kit + A tank full of gasoline/petrol in a mid-sized car + a AAA game + fast Food & Drink... with a few bucks left over. So which route am I taking? Now I won't say that I'm going over and dropping that on 20 items at the dry cleaners at one time (never have)... but if the math is left undone, you never know what it could add up to on a monthly or even yearly basis. I know people that go to the dry cleaners on the weekends to have work attire done for the upcoming week. It's like clockwork and these are full suits... so it would serve them good to at least consider a change on all safe fabrics. So far I haven't gone over in 2018... but I do have a coat I may take over depending on where we travel during the holidays. Maybe.

Anyway, this is my 3rd update... Dryel has helped save money and I appreciate that... along with the huge plus of not going over there. The reason I keep on mentioning the drive over... is because... there is a horrible turn where the closest cleaners is located, and I freaking hate it... the road is packed and its hard to get someone to let you get by + bad drivers. So this should give you a better understanding of where I'm coming from.

By the way... we also got the hookup from the makers of Dryel. This should come in handy.