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So... I'm in the Steam store minding my own business, and... next thing I know I see a deal. As many of you know, we present all sorts of game bundles here... which are primarily for the Steam platform. The deal I saw on Steam is a perfect compliment... and it had me at... awesome.

(Click the image to see it in full or go to the link... here!.)
You can get... a game called "ICEY" + a Steam Link for less than $9 (before s&h). The Steam Link is listed as $1, and for what it's worth... you can basically make that move of getting PC games in your living room. I've had a Steam Link for a while now and... I've never had buyers remorse. I get access to my PC in the living room when I wish to merely kick back and game (an office lounge would be nice too now that I think about it). If you already have one, no need to fear, the Holidays are creeping forward and... you probably know someone who doesn't have one. So it could be one of the most useful gifts for a gamer you know. We'll have your back with the bundles to pack their library.

I was playing ELEX today on a Steam Link... with a review coming in due time. A review of The Mummy Demastered is also coming... so stay tuned. Although I could leave this post right here... I just want to give props to THQNordic for recovering that fumble of the original THQ. THQ, not to be confused with today's THQNordic... did something that we warned against way back when. Some of you were around when we wrote about the uDraw tablet being an absolutely horrible idea... and it ultimately burned them. It sucked because THQ had some noteworthy games. THQNordic is the new ship sailing these IPs into the future... and they have some sick looking titles on the way.

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