Samsung Odyssey VR Headset... to wait or to buy? That is the question.

The Samsung Odyssey is coming out this fall... along with Windows VR headsets from Dell, HP, Asus and others. Prices will vary along with quality, look and comfort but... are you interested?

This looks bad ass. - Luis D. Lucha | Sdgt Ent
If you're looking to get a VR headset for your Windows 10 PC... first make sure it can handle the hardware through the official Microsoft compatibility app, but also take a step back and find out if it has the content worth buying the hardware for (when it comes to you). Luckily for gamers... SteamVR will be here for us, but even with that in mind... make sure the games are up your virtual alley. If you know what type of VR action you're into, that is.

I think it'll be worth it for the entertainment. - Yang | Sdgt Ent
Not everyone will get a chance to try before they buy, but try to get your eyes on plenty of reviews before you fire off on a specific one. Look out for the quality and make sure its something you can wear for a long period of time and often. Also, look out for the sound quality if it has built-in headphones, to make sure it's not crappy. 

Weigh your options!!! What else can you get, if you're strapped for cash and you have to save up for one of these... then drop the money into one that's worth the money. In other words... avoid the ones that are understandably cheap.

These specific headsets are known as mixed reality headsets (that don't require additional sensors around the home) and... I look forward to the day these things are advanced enough to be wireless, allowing me to walk around my home freely. If I were going to get one this fall, it would probably be the Samsung Odyssey due to the AMOLED screens and the AKG headphones... because the quality needs to be there in order for me to get my actual worth out of it (especially for $499 + tax). The better the quality, the more I can appreciate the experience.

A game has to be... super good to get me back to motion controls. - RkRk | Sdgt Ent

The Samsung Odyssey gives you 2880 x 1600 in resolution, OLED display, 90Hz refresh rate, 110˚ max field view, headphones + dual array mics and motion controllers (the ones you see here). By the way... when it comes to VR controllers, it wouldn't hurt to have some with additional buttons for the purpose of advanced gameplay. Then again... I am completely fine holding a standard game controller while without flailing my arms about.

Samsung Odyssey VR Headset... to wait or to buy? Hmm, depends on if you're content with the cost mainly. There are people that go after the latest tech and want to maximize their experiences, so if you want to get your hands on one... do yourself the biggest favor and enjoy it to the fullest.

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