Fire Emblem... everything (in this one) + Nintendo Switch game line up

Time for Fire Emblem Direct, but before you jump into that... I just have to speak on something.
So we all know the Nintendo Switch is coming and all that good stuff, but i'm looking at the releases... and (hmmm) I hope the system takes flight with fresh experiences mostly. I don't seek a blast from the past.

Nintendo mentioned that there will be 80+ games headed to the console, and... as some of you have probably seen on twitter, I had to respond to them by saying:

I want the majority of those 80+ to be something that's actually new. - Blu

I meant every character without trying to be mean, its genuine because I love systems with solid libraries that justify the purchase. There are plenty of games that will be new, but I won't want to revisit a bunch of old'sh (yep... old'sh) games that I could play elsewhere unless they're worth it, I haven't played them yet... and/or they're priced right. I don't know what the majority of the 80+ games are but they'd better have a realistic price. No developer in their right mind can be pissed at gamers or blame the console for their decision in overpricing a title, and if you're a developer and/or publisher... i'm talking to you. Stop while you're ahead and play it smart.

Even with new games, they have to get in... where they fit in (price wise). I personally will not be paying $50 for Super Bomberman R and I think its absolutely gutsy for Konami (who has already pissed off a lot of gamers) to charge that amount, but I will say that I don't know how much content the game has (i'm not taking that risk either). They lost the talents of Kojima, but they still have Metal Gear Solid titles like Phantom Pain & the upcoming MGS: Survive that could see the light of day on the system (if they wanted to deliver more).

I don't want to see the majority of the games lean towards colorful multiplayer action that are simplified, but they are welcome though (from a variety standpoint). Even though Konami may be wanting to test the waters, $50 for Super Bomberman R might require them to cross those fingers clutching a lucky rabbits foot... while standing on a pile of 4 leaf clovers. Not because its a bad game (don't know if it is or not), I actually like Bomberman... and a digital version at $20 (Tops) would sell a lot more units in my opinion. If every player needs their own copy, that's $160 which wouldn't be much of a stretch at $20/each for 8 player action. $50... is when you get into that region where some of us start looking at other options (a lot more), because the money could be better spent on one of the bigger titles of the year. Think about it.

Fire Emblem Heroes will be easily accessible to the masses without the need to purchases an additional device, Nintendo played it smart. It won't have all the goods of a Switch or nN3DS but... it appears to be an interesting experience as Nintendo makes a move on micro-transactions with this one. I wouldn't put it as my number 1, but I want to play it.

The Fire Emblem title in development for Nintendo Switch is the most interesting to me... i'm curious to see what they will do with the systems capabilities. I want to see what those visuals look like and what the overall package has to over in terms of the experience.

Fire Emblem Echoes... looks okay and it gives Nintendo 3DS owners more Fire Emblem action to look forward, but if I had to choose one... it would be the Nintendo Switch title (just because).

I don't want to dump on this one... but not really interested in this one. The good thing is... variety is a beautiful thing to not only accommodate me but to also hook up the gamer's that enjoy Warriors action.

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