Nintendo Switch: Is Nintendo Power... back?!

Are you going to be playing with Nintendo Power at launch, wait more games, a price drop or pass?
Questions... questions!

The Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017... wasn't as up to snuff as some Nintendo Direct presentations, but it was quite enjoyable. I didn't go in with any expectations, but Nintendo ridding itself of the region locking was smart (about damn time)... because all you do is take a steaming hot crap on the sales that a game might of received (by taking away options).

I didn't see anything around an achievement system, but they were just covering the overall hardware and game software. I do hope there is an achievement system though, a lot of games receive replays (by many gamers) because there are achievements there that they want to obtain. If it adds to an overall achievement score, that's a badge of honor... because your skills are spoken for.

There wasn't a ton of games, but Super Mario Odyssey... is one of the titles that I must get my hands on. I saw some games that were yesterdays news, but i'm glad they didn't take those and put them smack dab at the forefront like they are must haves for a new console. One that may get a pass is Skyrim... but the truth is in the sales (ultimately).

Super Mario Odyssey should've been a launch title for the switch... just like Super Mario 3D World should've been a launch title for the Wii U, but they are lining themselves up for the next Holiday season (which I don't want to think of right now, time is flying).

Outside of the holiday itself... Super Mario Odyssey looks freaking awesome and... that... I look forward too. Here are some images for your viewing pleasure.

One of the biggest questions I have about this game is... "How big is the world?". - Blu

Where ever Mario is... Bowser isn't far behind. GWAHAHAHA!!! - RkRk

Thinking about the launch date of the Nintendo Switch, it lands in a place... that's (hmmm) a bit interesting. A launch right after the holiday's misses the... holiday shoppers, and some gamer's are still working on building those saving back up in the new year. Take a look at the North American launch dates for Nintendo handhelds and home consoles below, while it's not spot on... the Nintendo Switch's launch date isn't that far off from the 3DS. If developers begin releasing games for the console before and after the E3 2017 window... it could nab gamers that are full of the... E3 spirit. :p

Wii U | November 18, 2012
3DS | February 26, 2011
Wii | November 19, 2006
DS | November 21, 2004
Gamecube | November 18, 2001
Gameboy Advance | June 11, 2001
Gameboy Color | October 21, 1998
N64 | September 29, 1996
Virtual boy | August 16, 1995
SNES | November 21, 1990
Gameboy | July 31, 1989
NES | October 18, 1985

This is minimalist friendly, no TV needed. - Yang

I wonder what the feel will be like... in hand. - Blu

About damn time we can play Nintendo's console games in handheld form, but I wish it was a phone so the only fee would be the phone service. - Luis D. Lucha

Now that you mention it... I wonder how well this would run connected to my phone's
internet sharing. If it works well, that would be online gaming on the go for this home & 
portable hybrid. - Blu

How durable is the screen? - Yang

It had better be durable. - Blu

They will probably give us custom wallpaper options like the 3DS. - RkRk

It would be dumb if they didn't or didn't give us the option to change it ourselves. - Luis D. Lucha

Nintendo's taking you into a world of arena style battles via a game simply titled... ARMS. This game delivers motion controlled action that feels like an updated and even more action packed version of Wii Sports Boxing. You use the Joy-Con controllers to control your fighter and knuckle up to take down your opponent with precision... or crossed fingers if your aim isn't that good. Seems like it could be fun... for awhile, but I hope there is depth that makes this title well worth the $60 price tag. I want a fantastic single player campaign and I also want to be able to play ARMS without flailing mine around.

I don't want to sound like a hater, but will it hold up? It's pretty and all but I hope it isn't motion controlled only. Please Nintendo, i'm a lazy gamer. - Luis D. Lucha

Another exclusive title that "seems" more like a gimmicky experience for the console is... 1, 2, Switch. You don't need the screen to play this game... you use the left and right sides of the Joy-Con controller. I can't write it off as a game that no one will be interested in, its just not one of the games that catches my interest... but the variety is good.

Splatoon 2 is... almost a given, and as you see (whether Nintendo wants to admit it or not)... they listened to us. This second installment will be released in the summer time (go back and take a look at the post for the 1st installment of Splatoon). I mentioned then that I feel its one of those games that's perfect for summertime and gaming the days away with friends. You can kick back after a day at the beach, a BBQ or around the pool with potential friends as you create new memories on the battlefield.

YES! Just... YES! - RkRk

Project Octopath Traveler captured my interest the most. I like the feel. - Yang

I've said this before and i'll say it again, a Nintendo portable console with steam similar to the 3DS (and hopefully better)... should keep the doors of interest wide open when it comes to developers seeking to get new games to an audience that makes the development worth their while financially.

If titles remain consistent when it comes to 1st and 3rd party, we will really be playing with Nintendo Power.

Now lets get to other games I want to see on the Nintendo Switch: I want an 8-player Monster Hunter, a new Phantasy Star Online, a great FPS adventure bringing Metroid back in mind blowing fashion, Shenmue 1 + 2 & 3... and other good time games that I can kick back and enjoy. Being portable allows for a little more time to be invested in playing when i'm away from home or the office. So that's why i'm even more interested in certain games being released on this (portable) console.