Battlerite introduces a new... Champion to the arena? They're buggin'!!!

Meet Pestilus, an arrogant High Priest who controls swarms of insects (ooooo sounds scary).

TomorrowWednesday 14th December, a brand new Battlerite Champion enters the arena. Pestilus aka “Lord of the Swarm” is the head priest of Quna and serves the royal family, but secretly worships an evil deity. His schemes manipulated the king into exiling the crown prince. Pestilus unleashes swarms of insects to infest and cripple his enemies, releasing his innermost darkest desires.

Pestilus is part of tomorrow's massive Winter Update. Patch 0.10 will also include a new ranking system with leagues and divisions, winter/xmas themed weapons, new mounts, new types of chests and the first legendary outfits.

Check out the new champion preview trailer and additional screenshots.

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