SDGT Ent's 1st Award of Awesomeness goes to... Hideo Kojima!

We wanted to create an award for people in the industry we think are... awesome (for what they do). So... we thought a fantastic person to start off with, is... Hideo Kojima!

Why? Do you really have to ask why? The man not only is awesome in his hats as game director, screenwriter and producer... but he wears his game designer hat well too. From Zone of the Enders series... to Castlevania... to his more recent and last installment in the Metal Gear series, the dude has kicked some serious digital butt. The memories are great, but the best years are still ahead of him (and his talented team). 

From the Sapien storms the Luden's grow, so here's to you Hideo Kojima, congratulations!