From the Source: Sega - Valkyria Chronicles Remastered

Hungry for tactical rpg action? Valkyria Chronicles Remastered... might be for you!

Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum [If You Want Peace, Prepare for War] - Valkyria Chronicles Remastered Deploys to PlayStation 4!
Pre-orders and limited first run copies in the Americas come in the collectible "Squad 7 Armored Case"

War has spread like a wildfire across the Europan continent over the precious ragnite resource. Caught in the middle is the neutral principality of Gallia, which gets invaded by the Empire. Fortunately, as a member of the vauneted Squad 7 militia, you'll be in charge of pushing the Empire out of Gallia as you take control of Welkin, Alicia, Largo, Rosie, and the rest of the squad. 

The award-winning original game for the PlayStation 3 is being released on the PlayStation 4 in glorious 1080p/60fps gameplay, Japanese and English audio support, includes all the original DLC, and most importantly, adds trophy support! Oh, the best part? 
In honor of the Edelweiss tank prototype, pre-orders and launch copies will arrive in the metal Squad 7 Armored Case. That of course means the game will be getting a physical disc copy along with a digital release on the PlayStation Network. The game will release physically and digitally this spring in both the 
Americas and the European region, but please note
the Squad 7 Armored Case is exclusive to the Americas!

This is an Order! Valkyria Chronicles RemasteredWill Deploy in the West on PlayStation®4
IRVINE, Calif. - JAN. 25, 2016 - Valiant citizens of Gallia, to arms!  Bid farewell to your loved ones, because it is time to defend our peaceful nation from the Empire. Valkyria Chronicles, the critically acclaimed PlayStation®3 tactical RPG, will be remastered and released in the Americas and Europe on a brand new battlefront: The PlayStation®4! Valkyria Chronicles Remastered brings the World War II-inspired story, the beloved characters, and the mythology of the Valkyrur to life in 1080p/60fps HD. The game will have both a physical and digital version, and will sell for $29.99/CA$44.99. And as a special bonus, pre-orders and a limited number of launch edition retail copies will come in the collectible Squad 7 Armored Case.
In the world of Valkyria Chronicles, the year is 1935 E.C., and the continent of Europa has been plunged into the Second Europan War between the Autocratic East Europan Imperial Alliance -- also known as The Empire -- and the Atlantic Federation over the precious resource Ragnite. The Empire is sweeping through the continent like an unchecked wildfire and has its eyes set on the rich Ragnite deposits of the Principality of Gallia. Although peaceful Gallia remains neutral in the conflict, its citizens will need to defend home and country against the inevitable invasion. Players follow Lieutenant Welkin Gunther and the vaunted Squad 7 of the Gallian Militia as they take on the seemingly insurmountable forces of the Empire.
Valkyria Chronicles Remastered features:
  • HD "CANVAS" Graphics Engine - The stunning, painterly graphics return, but this time in 1080p/60fps high definition quality! Battles and cut scenes are conveyed like a vibrant tapestry in motion.
  • "BLiTZ" tactical battle system - Part overhead turn-based strategy, part RPG, and part real-time 3rd person shooter, the" BLiTZ" system is an innovative mechanic that makes battles simultaneously strategic and action-packed. Players will command and control their soldiers and tanks as they take on the Empire in 30 different battlefronts.
  • Memorable storyline - Set against the backdrop of a world war, Gunther, Alicia, Largo and the rest of the fierce members of Squad 7 fight for personal reasons in the name of freedom, and the hope against all odds of liberating Gallia from Empire control, all in the face of the terrible realities of war.
  • DLC Included - Besides the core game, Valkyria Chronicles Remastered includes all previously released DLC: Hard EX Mode, Edy's Mission, Selvaria's Mission, and Challenge of the Edy Detachment.
Valkyria Chronicles Remastered will be released physically and digitally this spring. The collector's Squad 7 Armored Case, featuring Valkyria Chronicles artwork will only be available for pre-orders and a limited launch quantity. The PS4 version of Valkyria Chronicles Remastered will be priced at $29.99/CA$44.99, and is rated T for Teen by the ESRB.