Mr. Sunnyside: Imagination... Reviewed!


The Read: When it comes to Mr. Sunnyside: Imagination's story, it's simple enough... you have an only child by the name of Tommy who's bored out of his mind. He's up early in the morning with tons of energy to go around, and he wants to have fun before breakfast. The issue Tommy is having is that he can't go outside to play (due to the weather) and... he's bored with the toys he has.

He then get's an unexpected visit from an imaginary character by the name of Mr. Sunnyside, and if you haven't realized it by now, he's an egg. After their introduction, Mr. Sunnyside gets things crackin' by taking Tommy on a little adventure into his imagination.

The Flow: The flow of the book feels pretty good, and the author did tap into imagination and take Tommy on an adventure with his skateboard... the book gets no complaints there. However, one thing I would've loved to see is them do more with the toys that were mentioned, create some sort of adventure that included more of the toys or they could've had it broken up to where various experiences were showcased with different toys. There were some toys shown and mentioned but that was the extent of it for them.

That said... it still flows well and it's actually a well rounded book that can actually get your child interested in utilizing their own imagination. 

My Daughter's Reaction: I read this to my daughter for the first time a few days before this review, and she's asked about the book everyday since then. In other words... I've read the book to my daughter everyday since then. 

The first day we talked about imaginary friends, and she wanted to create a new imaginary friend. I also participated in creating one, it was awesome and she enjoyed the experience.

The second day I wanted her to imagine that we were also flying like Tommy & Mr. Sunnyside... and she was definitely game to take flight. 

The third day I asked her about some of the different ways she uses her imagination (I know about most of them) and it was cool to have her talk about some of them. She's 4 years old, and she always grabs my attention when I hear her discuss various things she came up with. 

So overall, my daughter's reaction to the book was positive.

The Price: You get 28 story-focused pages in this book with about 14 of those pages being illustrations. Paperback is $11.95, Hardcover is $16.79, and the Kindle version is $4.95 (before credits). The price is almost in that sweet spot, but it's not far off... so no serious complaints here.

The Read 4

The Flow 5

My Daughter's Reaction 5

Price 4

4.5 out of 5 Cool Points

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