DC's Legends of Tomorrow: The Complete Sixth Season... Reviewed!

Before I begin, I just want to say that WB supplied us with a copy of this product for review. My opinions are my own, that said... let's get... odd!

I remember seeing some episodes of... DC's Legends of Tomorrow, but I didn't keep up with it (so I couldn't really tell you what the show was about from memory). It was okay, but I just got so busy that telly time went from a minimum to non-existent. I don't remember it being as... odd as it is now, but maybe that was the reason the show was able to maintain for so long because you're able to adapt the story when it's not stuck to one specific theme. I was curious to see what I thought of the show after such a long break, but... on that note... let's jump in and find out.

Vandal Savage
Story: Before I even jump into the season review (for real for real), let me break down what DC's Legends of Tomorrow is actually about. The team initially came to be (according to Wikipedia)... because a Time Master by the name of Rip Hunter who goes rogue after Vandal Savage destroys Earth and kills his wife and son. I remember this, and then from there, he began to recruit superheroes + compliant villains (like Heat Wave & Captain Cold) to save humanity and avenge his family.

So that's how the Legends of Tomorrow came to be, which I remember now because characters like Heat Wave & Captain Cold came from The Flash. Other characters from the Arrowverse are also in the show... which was a smart move as far as spinoffs go, because if the audience is there... capitalize. It was also a great way to... recycle characters versus letting them go to waste. I would love to see more of Victor Zsasz from the Batwoman tv show and wish he were a rare regular on the show.

DC Legends of Tomorrow didn't start off as crazy as it currently is... it was quite serious from what I remembered. Check out the initial season and compare it to now. Season six almost reminds me of... a PG-13 version of DOOM Patrol with different characters, not that that's a bad thing... since it doesn't mirror it.

Anyway, season six started out with... an episode titled "Ground Control to Sara Lance", after the fifth season ended in Sarah being abducted by... aliens (they didn't even know what happened to her until this season). Even if episodes had their own themes to enjoy, the writers didn't lose sight of the overall goal to get Sarah back, but you weren't just stuck with that mission. I appreciated the fact that they paced it out well because Sarah had her own situation to deal with... and the rest of the legends continued to deal with other situations that I enjoyed like:

Meat: The Legends, is basically an episode where the people in this town go crazy over this restaurant's burgers, but there's an odd reason behind it. I watched this episode a few times.

Lord Knoxicrillion
The Ex-Factor was another episode I watched a few times. It took place in 2045's Hollywood and basically started out with this alien warrior (Lord Knoxicrillion) appearing in a convenience store looking for earth's king. He wanted to challenge the king to a duel for the earth, and end's up seeing a DJ on a magazine cover that he mistakes for earth's king. One thing leads to another and the alien warrior ends up in one of those freaking singing competitions on tv.

The Satanists' Apprentice was good, which involved Astra Logue getting access to this evil entity after bumping heads with Constantine. That episode was next level for me because they brought in animation at one point. It was already good before that, but then the animation came into play, and... you just have to see it. It's badass. That's the beauty of also having an animation team at your fingertips.

It wasn't just these episodes, but you get the idea... and you still had the situation with Sarah where she took on the charismatic Bishop (the founder of AVA Corporation). I won't get into the role he plays, you'll have to check that out for yourself, but... the ride up to this point has been a trip. By the way, episode 8 totally reminded me of Tremors (franchise). I'm sure some of you know exactly what I'm talking about (not to say that's a bad thing, it was enjoyable)... and so was "This Is Gus".

It may seem like I'm just firing off every episode, but I'm more so trying to showcase the variety the show offers + some of the episodes I really enjoyed in the sixth season of this odd adventure (trust me there is plenty being left out).

Overall, the show is quite interesting... more interesting than I thought it would be. I really didn't know what to expect, but in addition to the episodes being different and entertaining, you didn't know what to expect from the characters. If you aren't familiar with the show, keep in mind that the characters aren't your traditional heroes... and some of the characters don't always have the best intentions at heart. This left the show feeling unpredictable, which is a good thing... but a tad annoying in the sense that certain heroes should've known that they should've had something set up just in case. Batman plays no games, he knows how to take down all members of the Justice League. I thought that Astra was able to take on a certain threat after improving her abilities, but... didn't do enough to counter a certain threat towards the end which was a wasted opportunity for a cool battle.

The final episodes more so focused on the main mission, but episode 14 still gave some variety while... still being quite significant to the main story. Episode 15 was the finale, which I don't want to spill the beans on... but it wasn't as good as it could've been (outside of the cliffhanger for season 7). It's an odd show so I guess anything is possible, but... certain weapon was silly to me when it came to taking on the baddies.

Visuals: As far as visuals go, there was a good mix-up between medium closeups, full shots, bird's eye view, medium, and they also had some fish-eye view shots thrown in there (I don't recall seeing this shot used in many other WB X DC Comics-based shows that I've reviewed... if any).

I think the two most visually appealing episodes for me were episodes 3 & 5. Episode 5 took the cake, I was like... holy sugar wrappers... this is awesome. The transition from reality to animation and back again was impressive. The actual quality of the shots wasn't bad either... I just don't remember them outside of episode 5 and episode 8, those just had certain shots that were nice and crisp to me.

Audio:  The audio was awesome, and I was able to enjoy a good amount of sound effects based on the various types of episodes thrown at viewers this season. The audio is 1080p DTS-HD Master Audio.

DTS-HD Master Audio: This is the top dog of DTS audio formats, and can be thought of as DTS’s equivalent to Dolby’s TrueHD. Master Audio provides up to 7.1 channels of uncompressed surround-sound audio. - Home Theater For Dummies, 3rd Edition

Price: DC's Legends of Tomorrow: The Complete Sixth Season is priced at $24.98 (SRP) on DVD, and... $29.98 (SRP) on Blu-Ray + Digital, and will be available Nov. 9, 2021! Of course, you can save some green by using our links. You won't be sorry picking up a copy of season six, the variety is nice and the episodes were enjoyable. I think this happened because they have multiple directors & writers and it didn't feel like they were just trying to fluff it up with content. I don't know what they were doing with episode 15 (grrrr arrrggg) but it doesn't ruin the previous episodes and some of you might even look at me like wth am I talking about... based on the fact that you like the way it ended. I didn't have a problem with everything, but the way they defeated the enemy was just... odd (but that's just how things go with this show). 

You can expect to get 15 episodes that give you about an hour of run time each.

Special Features:
  • Gag Reel
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Never Alone: Heroes & Allies
  • VFX Creature Feature
  • Animation Split Screen (which is awesome for aspiring animators out there who want to know the way things play out on a storyboard level for the overall animated scene)
  • Actors Split Screen

Story 4

Visuals 5

Audio 5

Price 5

4.75 out of 5 Cool Points