Update: Arm & Hammer's Garbage Disposal Cleaner

If you aren't familiar, we had the opportunity to check out Arm & Hammer's Garbage Disposal Cleaner in the past. This time around... I want to present the ingredients in the garbage disposal cleaner. First, let me remind you of how simple the product is to use:

This product was provided by Arm & Hammer.

The Arm & Hammer Garbage Disposal Cleaner consists of:

Dipentene, Pin-2(10)-ene, and Citral are components of natural limonene, said to dissolve fats, wax, etc.

1,4-Cyclohexadiene, 1-methyl-4-1(1-methylethyl), Linalool are essential oil components that are also said to dissolve fats, wax, and organic matter.

Sodium Bicarbonate is baking soda, which is soft yet abrasive when I use it to brush my chops... but it's said to also be enough to remove soils and dirt from the garbage disposal.

Geranyl Acetate, Myrcene, Eucalyptol, Caryophyllene, Terpinolene, Alpha -pinene, Citronellal, and Geraniol are essential oil components said to deodorize and provide and provide a pleasant odor.

The update to my on-going experience:

Having had the opportunity to be an ambassador of Arm & Hammer, I was able to test the product again and again... and again. I don't recommend sticking your hand in any dishwasher, especially with someone near the switch or with the power on, but I did... and I can say that I didn't find any food sticking to the bolts and rivets.

You might get that nasty slimy residue if you let it sit too long, or even dried chunks of OMG... but following the instructions seems to do the trick (I don't allow mine to sit, so there was nothing from what I felt on the bolts and rivets. Personally, I still recommend dropping some cubes in there, especially if you've let the disposal sit for a while with food inside.

So the update remains the same, the product does what I expect it to do... and it smells good doing it. I have no personal experience with what component does what from a scientific standpoint, but the product works well with this combination of contents from what I can feel and smell.

By the way, when it comes to the price... you get the most value with the 48 pack. The 12 count is $7.38 on Amazon, the 48 count is $12.74... which gets you 36 more capsules for less than $6 more.

Oh yeah, here are some tips to spare you some trouble with your dishwasher:

Do not cram food into a garbage disposal! You're only asking for trouble because it could cause the disposal to jam. Turn on the water and feed the dish disposal slowly. Think of the disposal as a person you're trying to feed, it can only take in so much at one time.

Do not cover the opening of the garbage disposal and turn it on, and then question why dirty water is rising on the other side. I'm not a plumber, but I think it acts like a clogged drain when you block that opening with the sink strainers and things like that. So you're better off taking that out until you're done with the disposal.

If you actually get a jammed disposal, you will have to rotate the impeller to try and get it... unjammed. You don't need a plumber in many cases or even a new disposal, you just unplug it and use a garbage disposal wrench (yes... these really exist)... and rotate it back and forth until you unjam it.

Extend the life of your garbage disposal by not burning out the motor. Consistently jamming it, or trying to run it while its jammed... can hurt it. If kicks the bucket, there are plenty of solid options available, just consider a stronger one next time.

I hope this post helps you keep your garbage disposal smelling and running good (so you can focus on other things... like gaming). Until next time... peace!