1More Portable BT Speaker... Reviewed!

Before I get started... shout out to 1More for supplying the tech for this review!

The 1More Portable BT Speaker is impressive, but... I have to be honest... you know what's even better? Two of them! It's just something about quality audio that makes the visual experience so much better. Music is a given, but beyond silent films... I need good quality or I don't even bother locking into a show or film (most of the time). I'm the guy who will cut the game's music if its that bad, but I digress... let's unbox!

First thing I noticed during this unboxing is that the box is quite durable... which is good for storage and of course resell. Secondly, I noticed the weight on this thing... and at 1.1lbs it isn't the lightest.

I don't see that as a bad thing, the weight increased my confidence that this speaker had the guts to deliver that... oomph I crave.

This speaker feels really nice with the nano coated fabric finish, its a nice touch and I'm able to get a good grip on the product even with the use of my thumb and index finger. No need to worry about picking it up in that manner though, you have a durable strap on deck.

The fabric finish is really clean and looks great in a premium office set up or... hanging on the wall in your room, just make sure the hook can hold it.

The minimalist design of the 1More Portable BT Speaker feels super durable, and even though I haven't dropped this thing... I don't fear it coming apart if it fell from my hand or off of a desk. Since the speaker has a rubber base... you might not find this thing slipping off a table unless there is a serious tilt. While testing this... I almost damaged the screen on a laptop that took a dive (yikes)!

Before I forget, this speaker also has an IPX4 Waterproof rating... which means that it can withstand a splash of water. So no need to freak out if your water spills and this catches some of it, but at the same time don't strap up your speaker to play your own theme music in a water gun fight.

The portable wireless speaker comes equipped with a plane woofer and tweeter to deliver a Hifi grade sound. Before I go any further, Hifi is short for high fidelity. Hifi is a term that represents high quality reproduction of sound which is properly tuned and allows you to enjoy the intended sound.

It's a beautiful thing, and with Luca Bignardi as the sound Engineer behind the tuning of these speakers... its safe to assume the speaker will deliver. Being a Grammy-winning sound Engineer might have something to do with that (especially with his cred on the line)... but but but my ears ultimately give the green light.

The virtual bass is listed as reproducing sounds between 70 to 5000 Hz. I began hearing the sound around 38 Hz during the frequency test... and stopped hearing it (thankfully) between 16k - 17k. The digital signal processor (DSP) works wonders to deliver a variety of sound playback so that you hear what you should hear.

I've listened to audio from Streets of Rage 4, Call of Duty: Warzone, music from Rick Ross (Maybach Music tracks w/ instruments + a track titled "Oil Money ft Jada Kiss), Saint Motel - A Good Song Never Dies, Meek Mill - Believe ft Justin Timberlake, Jada Kiss - Kisses to the Sky, Tomb Raider (Remake) OST, Mirror's Edge OST, the Xbox Series X - Console Announcement Trailer, ASMR, etc.

I've watched episodes of DOOM Patrol, episodes of Psych, American Ultra, Appleseed Ex Machina and a few other films. I've also played multiple rounds of COD: Mobile and... Black Future '88By the way, I've only charged the speakers twice during this audio test.

My experience was enjoyed from beginning to end. Damn these speakers are nice (seriously), and there is surround sound in the office... so to get sound delivered in a way that made me forget that i'm not using the main speakers, I have to give these BT speakers serious props. Those low booms and rumbles are just... sweet, I got swept up by the sound quality.

I was going to do a speaker comparison to a generic ASI#90305 BT Speaker, but there is no comparison... I don't even know the specs. It's slightly lighter in weight and has some nice highs but it doesn't deliver that full range of sound... the way 1More's Portable BT Speaker does, so i'm not even going there.

Functionality of the 1More Portable BT Speakers include the ability to use one speaker (duh of the day) for mono mode or two speakers for a more immersive audio experience.

The pairing of the speakers are fairly simple too, you just double press the power button on a speaker in order to get it to pair up with the other. It took a few minutes to pair up initially, after the initial pairing it took about a minute... and after those initial power on, it only took several seconds.

Clearly you can use the speaker via Bluetooth, but... you also have the ability to connect it via an Aux 3.5 cord.

Like most other Bluetooth speakers... you have a built-in mic allowing you to enjoy phone calls, and I think the design is perfect for this sort of thing. You can place it on a table for hands free calls with family and friends + it can be utilized for those round table meetings at work when someone needs to call in. Development team meetings come to mind with outsourced team members.

I can't forget about the portability of this speaker... and when you factor in a second one, you have some respectable sound to enjoy on the go.

The 1More Portable BT Speakers comes in at $99.99... which is sweet, but... when you buy a bundle... you sweeten the pot even further. The bundle comes in at $149, which is cool of them to do... especially if the feature is there. So if you buy... I strongly suggest getting two for that immersive experience and 50% off the second speaker (even if you just want two in order to gift one or take one to work... it's 50% off).

Overall, these speakers delivered the goods and weren't trying too hard to do so... nothing sounded as if it was struggling to maintain a sound. They aren't the smallest bluetooth speakers... but they don't need to be, they're the right size to house what I really enjoy about them. Actually, i'm impressed by the sound quality based on how small they are compared to what i'm use to (beyond headphones)... the advances in tech continue to amaze me. Check out the specs + the rating below and... game on!

1More Portable BT Speaker Specs:

Bluetooth 4.2 (AAC/SBC)
12-Hour Battery Life
Hands-free Phone Calls
IPX4 Water Resistance
Wireless & Wired Connection
USB-C Charging Cable
AUX in Audio Cable
3.3" Woofer
0.75" Tweeter
Impedance 4
Max Output: 35W
1 Microphone
2C Fast Charging
Optimized DSP core chipset
360 Audio

Quality 5

Sound 5

Function 5

Price 5

5 out of 5 Cool Points

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