Unrailed! ...Reviewed!

Unrailed! is a super fun game, if you can find someone to play online with.

Unrailed! is a cooperative multiplayer game and the development team really makes you cooperate or you're taking nothing but Ls! You have to work together, and it's a good thing that we can't do voice chat or there would be a lot of freak outs during gameplay.

You can't just grab a railroad track (oh no no no)... you have to chop trees and chip away iron ore (I guess that's what that is) and put it in your rail car to make the tracks. After than, then you can lay the track down, but the train is moving the entire time. You have to build bridges, you have to make pathways, you have to deal with random encounters, and prevent your train from derailing. It's crazy... fun!

Four players are the best way to play this game, two or three are okay but four is the magic number:

- Player one can chop the trees
- Player two can chop the iron ore
- Player three can collect the materials and put them into the train car
- Player four can lay the train tracks and make the bridges

Synergy is the name of the game (technically it's Unrailed! but you know what I mean). This game can be played by kids and adults, and the replay value is available in many ways. You get different game modes like, Quick, Endless, and Versus. Quick mode means you help get your train to the station. Endless is the mode that takes the station away, you just keep playing for as long as you can keep going... so stay hydrated. Versus mode puts you up against the other railway makers, making them derail before they do the same to you.  You get Easy, Medium, and Hard modes.

The game is still in Early Access, so I don't know everything it has to offer yet... but it's great so far. in the Early Access you get 22 characters to choose from, and 42 wagons to choose from. The wagons do different things like make your train tracks faster or hold more materials.

Unrailed! is set in a voxel world like Minecraft but it's in a top down view, and it looks very cool. It's colorful, the game plays buttery smooth and it's just fun with a lot of replay value. I like the music too.

There is a downside to this game. The multiplayer matchmaking isn't that good, because you don't know if anyone is online to play with. Before the game is fully released, they need to make a player waiting area of sorts so that we can see different players online. That's all I ask, because you can't enjoy this fun game if you can't play it.

In the Online mode you can do Random Matching, Create Private Lobby, and Join Private Lobby. Private may be the easiest to create a team with so far because the random doesn't give you a guarantee that you'll have anyone to play with, at least with private you're meeting up with someone. In the online mode you can also select what region of the world you'd like to play, or just leave it on automatic. I don't know if automatic sets you up with any available players from around the planet... but I hope so.

Unrailed! is $16.99, and that's cool... but they have to work out the matchmaking or the good price won't matter unless you play offline only.

Fun Factor 5

Replay Value 5

Visuals 5

Price 5

- 1.5 Points because you can't play the game if no one is online.

3.5 out of 5 Cool Points (It's still in early access)

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