Dryel Update Number 4!

What can I possibly write about in this fourth post about Dryel? How my clothes are holding up... of course. I've been using the Dryel product since early 2018, and it has allowed me to cut down on time, save money, plus a chore. One thing I can't forget though is the fabric care. My shirts and jeans haven't shrunk (no surprise pairs of skinny jeans here). Oh yeah... and they haven't faded either. I stick to compatible fabrics that work with Dryel, so I can't speak for the other ones but mine are good to go.

I'm nearly a year in using the product, but it's just dry cleaning using the product in a dryer... so I didn't expect it to give a different result... but it is cool. Winter's knocking at the door, and I live in Orlando (Florida) so... who knows what the weather will be. I'm glad it won't be as cold as northern locations but... I tossed a few sweaters and a jacket in the Dryel bag to be fresh and on standby. Nothing happened to them either... so as we near the close of 2018 I've used Dryel for a year and my fabrics haven't faded, shrunk, stretched (which would be weird) or anything crazy. So... it continues to get two thumbs up from me, and I've literally been able to post a lot more for SDGT as a result.

So if you're looking for an alternative to dry cleaning and laundry duty... check out Dryel for yourself.

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