SculptaPalooza... Reviewed!

Before I get started with this review... I just want to give the developers a thumbs up for the card.

Think quick... the clock is ticking, its time to get creative in this arts & crafts party game!

SculptaPalooza is the first board game we've ever reviewed... which is awesome. This is sort of left field, but its still in the same realm of gaming, just not a video game. I thought this would be cool to review because while some of us are board game veterans, some of you have never (ever... ever... ever) played a board game. You may ask "Why would I?", and I'd say "Variety"... which is something promoted here in general regarding gaming genres. You can have fun in more ways than one, that said... here are some images as I dive into the review.

I wanted to see how the game would be received by new school gamers and boardgame veterans, so... I crashed a house party (!woot-woot!).

Playing SculptaPalooza, I was like hmmm... "Where do I get started?", my biggest hump was the instructions as I figured out how to begin. On the outside looking in... I know you have to make things against the clock using Playfoam, but you play SculptaPalooza specifically like this:

You divide into two teams... place the Playfoam on the sculpting mat... the first team rolls the die... and based on what the die lands on, they have to go with a specific sculpting category. From there, the timer starts and the first sculptor from that team form's whatever is listed on the card (based on the way they're required to sculpt). If they're team guesses correctly before the time is up, they win a point... and you basically continue that process, alternating between teams and sculptors until one team reaches 20 points. There are some other rules in there that boosts the competition... you get the idea.

Trying to figure out how to play via the instructions in the box set me back a few minutes but after that, it was on. Everyone lit up before the first point was gained. That's the first thing that stood out to me because the clock was ticking, the sculptor from the other team had to sculpt a prop and act it out. I knew exactly what it was... and they finally figured it out with 17 seconds left, which resulted in loud cheering, laughter and plenty of high fives for our team to witness.

They kept getting a certain roll of the die that allowed them to choose whatever category they wanted, which really got them up in scoring. I did what I could to make a comeback with my team, but a certain category is really difficult (we landed on that multiple times... and they never landed on it)... so needless to say we took the L. Regardless of losing though, it was enjoyable, and I could see the fun factor and replay value. It's definitely one of those games where its the more the merrier.
Visually the game is vibrant, and the contents are made sturdy... which makes sense for all the hands-on interaction. 

Price wise it retails at $19.99, which I think is a spot on price. You also get a Playful Promise 365 Day Risk-Free Guarantee, which allows you to return it within a year with no questions asked if you don't love it. Another place where I see the value is the ability to play it regardless of having electricity or not. As you know... things happen, and at times the power goes out for a number of reasons... so having boardgames like SculptaPalooza comes in handy for times like that also.

One con I do have is the difficulty level of certain things. I just see many people figuring out specific answers, not because our team didn't win... but because I don't see them being figured out. They do have blank cards for you to do your own thing... so that's a plus, but if they do a revision, I'd recommend that. One thing I'd recommend to the team... is to create an online "How To Play" video tutorial. It would be another route to learn how to play the game almost immediately... for those who choose to use it.

Overall, SculptaPalooza is a fun party game that even got the audience involved, and it gets you together under one roof (or sky) to utilize teamwork and social skills in a creative way.

Fun factor: 4

Visually: 5

Replay value: 5

Price: 5

"4.75 / 5 Cool Points"

Brought to you by the... Baby Fu Clothing Co!

This product was provided to SDGT Entertainment by Educational Insights for review.