Happy MAR10 Day!

Saturday (March 10) is National Mario Day—Celebrating the biggest game series of all time, Super Mario Bros. Mario is the most beloved video game character has appeared in games for over 30 years. In the past, fans have celebrated the day by playing some of Mario's classics from Donkey Kong to Dr. Mario to Super Mario 64

For the first time ever, fans can now celebrate National Mario Day by going into the game themselves through LIKE APP to have their very own #MarioAdventure. Check out some fan videos below and some screenshots of the Mario experience on LIKE APP.

Fun fact: The date for National Mario Day was chosen because written out abbreviated (Mar. 10) looks like Mario!. - Brenna

Super Fans' #MarioAdventure videos:

Could you imagine what National Mario Day is going to be like at the Super Mario World Parks?!

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