Square-Enix's Left Alive excites me because...

The title art for Left Alive... excited me. Is Square-Enix giving us their take on Metal Gear Solid? My answer is... probably, just don't expect the legendary Snake in this survival action shooter. More details will be unveiled about this game very soon. How soon? Try the Tokyo Game Show 2017 this week! So not only did the 2017 PlayStation Press Conference get my attention with this... I'm drooling for more.

I think I should mention why it really has my attention. I've seen no game play, but the developers... the developers (two times) have me giddy! Veteran developers on this project are:

Toshifumi Nabeshima | Director of the Armored Core Series

Yoji Shinkawa | Character Designer of the Metal Gear Series

Takayuki Yanase | Mech Designer of Ghost in the Shell: Arise, Mobile Suit Gundam 00 and... Xenoblade Chronicles X.

Is it safe to be excited... or is it safer to be ecstatic?

Anyway... check out the trailer below for "Left Alive", which will be available on PS4 & PC!


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