Microsoft Surface Laptop Go... pen compatibility?

Surface Laptop Go is Microsoft's budget-friendly Surface option. It rocks a 12.4" touchscreen display, comes in at a lightweight of 2.45 pounds, full-size keyboard + good size precision trackpad (watch those palms) and... all the etceteras you see below:

720p HD camera
Fingerprint Power Button
One Touch sign-in on select models
USB-C + USB-A ports
Surface Connect (which could've been the more cost-friendly Thunderbolt 3 or something)
Headphone jack
1536 X 1024 (148 PPI)
3:2 Aspect Ratio
10 point multi-touch
10th Gen Intel Core i5-1035G1 Processor
13 hour max battery life
Intel UHD Graphics
eMMC: 64GB + SSD: 128GB or 256GB storage
Dual far-field Studio Mics
Omnisonic Speakers w/ Dolby Audio
Bluetooth 5.0
Aluminum top + Polycarbonate base

1 Year Limited Warranty

In the box you get the (Duh of the day) Surface Laptop Go, 39W Power Supply, Quick Start Guide,
and documents for Safety + Warranty.

What you don't see is a (dun dun dun)... a pen, but is it compatible? That's what I was wondering when I initially saw the Surface Laptop Go reveal, so I did some digging and came across this road to nowhere (I'll come back to this).

There are 3 different options for the Surface Laptop Go, starting at $549.99 w/ the best specs chilling out in the $899.99 option. You would think that $899.99 would come with a little something extra outside of the ram and storage increase, but... from what I've seen... there isn't.

Now we're back at that... road to nowhere. Maybe it's just me, but where in this video do you see products specific to the... Surface Laptop Go?

It's annoying when companies come out with products and will not go that extra mile to spell out what's actually compatible with that product. How helpful would it be for Sony to release the Playstation 5 and list accessories for past gens in a link meant to be for the PS5? Imagine the good intentions of your parent(s), significant other, friends, or whoever...  resulting in a gift that's not compatible... that would suck for the both of you. 

Just to be clear, this isn't a company vs company comparison, that was only an example of incompatible products. The person in charge of what's presented on Microsoft's site... has to get it together. Microsoft isn't the only company guilty of this, I've had a similar problem with HP. 

It's not that hard, spell out what's compatible with your product... don't even have a link labeled "Shop Surface Laptop Go Accessories" only to have everything else for everything else tucked in there. WTF? If there aren't many compatible products, list the compatible ones on the same page as the product... that's a win-win.

Overall, I don't know anyone signing up to buy something knowing that it will end in disappointment. Money isn't as easy to come by for a lot of people, especially right now... so it's imperative to spell things out or you may find that your potential customers are going elsewhere to buy a similar product that delivered. Your product probably delivered too, but who knows that it actually delivers if you don't showcase it?

Going back to the specs, I don't think that this product is compatible with a pen... because they don't list that the product is Pen enabled (unlike the Surface Laptop 3). This doesn't mean you can't buy a drawing tablet to connect to the Surface Laptop Go in order to do your thing, but... it's safe to assume that you'd be wasting your money on a Pen thinking it will work with this product. 

Doesn't make the product good or bad, and I'm not saying it's right or wrong to buy it... but if you're looking to buy a product that gives you the ability to draw on the screen... it's better safe than sorry not to buy unless Microsoft says the product is compatible. 

Yes, in the accessories area they show pens, but... as you see under the compatibility area under these pens... the Surface Laptop Go is nowhere to be found.

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