Mobile Edge Corporate Briefcase... Reviewed!

Always an honor to review products directly from the showroom floor... but I won't get all mushy on you, let's just dive in! Opening the box, I knew we were receiving a product from Mobile Edge... I just didn't know which one in particular. Regardless, I was excited to find out. Opening up the box, the bag was wrapped in some durable plastic... which I appreciated and I hope they maintain this because you never know where a package is going or when it will rain.

After taking the bag out of the plastic, it's safe to say that I will gear this product review to those of you interested in getting your hands on a new briefcase. Since this is SDGT Entertainment, gaming will be included in one way or another... so stay tuned because this briefcase might be for you, whether you're in business, a student or a superhero who needs to blend in.

Right off the bat, you see the three compartments in the front of this MOBILE EDGE... Graphite Corporate Briefcase. The first horizontal compartment has two sleeves for pens... which is great for those of us who own drawing tablets or anyone else who may want a place for other writing/drawing utensils. The other two compartments you see don't have those sleeves (which is okay), but that space comes in handy for things like your phone, AC adapters, cables, etc. Just above these compartments is a quick access pocket with nice soft material that should serve well for your pocket change, keys and things like that... so you don't have to worry about digging in your pocket for certain things when on the go (i.e. emptying your pockets at the airport).

Going back to the compartment that holds the pens... I like that it's separate because I've had experiences where a pen would break and I'd get a horrible surprise (some of you know exactly what I mean).

Opening this briefcase up, I immediately felt the quality of the product... both inside and out. It feels nice and... you know how you can just feel something and tell that it's durable? That immediately came to mind when I took it out of the plastic, but I found out why. The briefcase has a 1680D Ballistic Nylon exterior which is heavy duty and resistant to things like... abrasions. To give you a better idea of what this is, you can find this material used for tool belts, heavy duty protective covers, safety jackets and things like that.

The interior you see below feels like it should protect the interior from outside liquids spilling and possibly causing damage. I appreciate the added level of protection, but not only that... take a look at the front and back compartments of the interior:

The front compartment has an info slot... which is always a plus in hopes that someone does right by your property in that scary situation of it being misplaced. This is something I've come to expect out of products like this, but not the memory storage... that was a pleasant surprise.

The front compartment allows you to safely store two SD Cards and two memory sticks, instead of them just being tossed anywhere for transport... there's an actual designated spot. This memory slot pouch also doubles as an additional pocket in front of 3 additional pockets (see the card sticking out?). If you look across, you also have two big mesh pockets in this compartment... so you have a good amount of storage so far, but there's more.

The back compartment is a zip-down workstation with two big pockets... which are areas for additional storage and... an accordion file section to keep files and documents neat. For some of us, this might be used for strategy guides, comic books, and sketch pads also. It's a nice touch because at times papers and/or files are placed with other contents and they get bent up or crumpled to a degree. When I think professional a level of neatness comes to mind... and this briefcase has enough to keep things together well.


The first thing I notice about the multi-purpose compartment is that its spacious. It stores up to a 16" laptop in the center section (which is common)... but it also has room for an ultrabook and a tablet in the side sections with straps that keep these devices in place. Of course, I had to try it out, so take a look at... the image below this image.

As you see I have a tablet with an added keyboard attachment inside a case (shout out to the Saints Row fans), and a 360 laptop in the center section... with room to actually place two identical laptops in this area. I probably wouldn't chance them clapping together, but I want to give you an idea of the space. I don't like playing tug of war with an imaginary friend at the airport or on a plane while trying to get my laptop out of a case... so I always appreciate a roomy laptop compartment. The velcro on the padded handle is also a nice touch, I don't have to worry about keeping the handles together or unbuckling a strap... you just pull them apart.

I had to tuck gaming in somewhere (literally)... and as you see below, I was able to place a game controller and gaming headset into one of the side sections. So instead of an ultrabook... I was able to comfortably place these peripherals in this area. These would be my go to items for travel along with a laptop, but this area would also work well for external hard drives and other things that fit.

I appreciate that this briefcase is floor-ready because some lack this feature (usually found on hardshell models) like an old one I have that has to be leaned against something. Even when it leaned against a chair in the airport, depending on the type of flooring they have it will usually end up laying on the ground which is annoying. I'd probably be paranoid that this briefcase will fall over regardless... but it hasn't fallen over when I tested it out (and I pushed it slightly from both sides to test it out, still didn't fall over).

On the back of the briefcase... you will find a trolley strap... which is a plus that should come in handy for any professional seeking or required to travel because it connects to your rolling luggage with no need to carry it separately (for those unfamiliar with trolley straps). You might shrug your shoulders if you don't see the value in them, but having this little feature comes in handy whether you're making your way to a plane, train, ship or elsewhere. There are some huge airports that require a crap load of walking, factor in the additional walking through the hotel, down the street or anywhere else you want or have to go and... this little feature is something to rejoice.
The back compartment of the briefcase would've been great in front when connected to your luggage because it would've been like a mobile workstation to get some paperwork done, but the front compartment also folds down... if you want to use it in a similar fashion.

What you also get with this briefcase is a wide padded shoulder strap (seen below). Like the briefcase, this is also very durable... and has a slight curve in the shoulder pad so you aren't walking around taking a pad to the neck. I bring that up because trips aren't always a short duration so the comfort is there when it counts... and I'd expect no less from a business-grade briefcase.

Pricewise you can get this briefcase for less than $90... which is solid, especially compared to other products. I understand why some cost more (like the leather, metal and other hardshell types)... but the quality and features don't always have to be on the expensive end (and all don't have the features this briefcase has).

Mobile Edge added more than enough features to make this a nice briefcase for travel and for business... so that everything isn't crammed in the same sections. There are businessmen and women who prefer a more sleek look (which they're entitled too), and Mobile Edge has you covered with the Graphite Nylon Briefcase... so check out the reviewed product and the other options here.

Overall, the Mobile Edge Graphite Corporate Briefcase is a durable product with the right features, a lifetime warranty, and a good price. These aren't just features, they're fitting for business, travel and if you really wanted to... you can slip in the right sized game console + an ultrabook. I say that to say the features can get the job.

Product Design 5
Product Quality 5
Functionality 5
Accessories 5
Price 5

5 out of 5 Cool Points

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This product was sent to SDGT Entertainment by the Mobile Edge team.