The... Nintendo Duo? Hmmmm

Nintendo going the handheld route that also doubles as the home console route... is something I think is a very smart move (if this is the route that's truly taken). Look at what their handhelds do (and 3rd party is usually more open to it based on past experience)... and since they likely do not want to leave the home console market behind, it gives you the option to be versatile. If you think about it, the Wii U may have been the prototype. Combine that with the success of their handhelds and... they may see it as a sure win all in one package that allows for their products to sell in the changing climate. Although I must say that the changing climate in gaming more so just changes for the audience usually to present popular genre's for the most part... with room for those nifty innovative indie games.

The Nintendo Nx... rumored to be called the Nintendo DUO, should have a count down clock from Nintendo to ready gamer's up on the reveal. Let's see how this goes, and if its going to be in the form of a Nintendo Direct, they should go as hard as hard can be because... its time. The kid stuff can be the kid stuff, but I want to see the gloves come off with something like a new Metroid game... that's just amazing and has multiplayer action that rivals other known FPS games (with its own touch to round out the cool).

Could you imagine Metroid being remade and given the depth Tomb Raider was given? Sick, would not be the word. Nintendo tried to bring variety with the Wii U, but... you know what the deal was, but with the likelihood of more 3rd parties coming to the party this time around... lets see if there is room to chug on awesome. Concerns of power may still be present, but if the home station is some sort of graphic enhancement... as long as it gives games the proper justice to enjoy them on the big screen... its all good.

Bluetooth would be a plus for headsets.
A universal chat option would be a major duh (to hell with just leaving it up to the developers if they want it). I have a dusty Wii Speak peripheral that I've never used.
I can't say what the controller set up is just yet (because we don't know, but if its something that allows me to game... without gimmicks, i'll be happy). Depending on the price point, the functionality better be there... but I think overall the N-Duo will gain steam based on the handheld option alone.
Bring exclusives and 3rd party, Nintendo. Let gamer's have the option of voting with pre-order dollars as to what games should come to the US... and then that game can simply be added to their library. You can have select games that are already geared to go with localization or... JUST BYPASS the region lock crap (at least for the game that have different language packs available in the game for respective regions). Let that set in, but in the mean time... game on!

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