The Gift of Gaming: What will 2016 and beyond... mean for you as a gamer and developer?

Gaming is an option, an opportunity... and a privilege to immerse yourself in an interactive recreational art. It can emerge in the positive direction even more... if the approach is done right. Not just in the development of good games (which is important), but I am also talking about doing the development team right... as well as the financially supportive gamers (you know those of us that buy the games in a way that result in the developers benefiting financially).

Some studios have an almost... sweat shop like atmosphere abusing the passion the development team came with, so much so to the point that some don't want to be a part of a big development studio anymore (and some even give up game development). It doesn't have to be like that, and the passion is beneficial to a development versus someone simply wanting to be done with a game to finish their contract.

There are pricks on both sides of the controller/keyboard, and until these individuals value gaming for what its worth... they will continue to be part of the problem that pushes it in a less favorable direction (those with influence, destructive power, and the right position at a studio). Remember that... and develop, publish, and/or game on with the purpose of having a good memorable experience... because misery is optional.

No matter what holiday you celebrate this December, be joyous, not hateful... especially if you have a choice. Peace! By the way, congrats to... Hideo Kojima! -RkRk

Speaking of gaming... here is a new Let's Play I did of Dungeon Souls. I was owned a few time quickly... but not bad for my first time, the Barbarian is my fave thus far. The wizard's fireballs are that accurate (though i'm sure they improve as you grow... hopefully). There will be an aim to review this game... but we have other games we have to review first (to be fair to the developers... so for now... check out this nearly hour long vid). 

There will most likely be more let's plays of this game... just to see how far I can get. Game on!