Nintendo contacted us friday with this... Legend of Zelda announcement + Codename NX must haves + ISG: Just give it up already

(Check out this video) I'll take this over a broken game any day... and they lead by example of how to do things the right way when it comes to games. On that note... you know what's coming next (so just keep on reading)!
As I said in the video, we would like to take this time so we can bring you a very special experience, by making the ultimate Zelda game. Since we’d like to focus on developing the game we’ve decided to not show the game at this year’s E3. Thank you for your continued support, and I hope you’ll look forward to the game! -Eiji Aonuma
No need to feel sad... because the game is bound to be amazing when its served up, so enjoy another meal in the mean time. :)


As i'm sure many of you have, we posted news last week... about something we mentioned awhile back (Nintendo showing love to PC & Mobile). Of course the over active imaginations of some people made it seem like Nintendo was giving up on their hardware, but what they're doing is:

Taking a creative route with advertising, so that users of non-direct competing platforms... can enjoy a taste of what Nintendo has to offer, and if they want premium content the answer will be to "Get a Nintendo". The streaming service I believe might be managed by DeNA (DNA)... so you don't have to buy every single title from previous systems to enjoy them, you just stream them once you pony up the money (or should I say little horse?).

The announcement of Nintendo's pending console... known currently as Nintendo NX, flipped a lot of people out as well. Maybe Nintendo should've had Dr. Mario prepare some chill pills, because... the final product will most likely surface sometime in 2017. Never mind the worry of an overlapping console feel, Nintendo needs to focus (and has more than likely been focusing) on delivering a system with the right stuff... to appeal to 3rd party.

Must-Haves for Nintendo's Codename NX system:

  • The system needs to be easier to develop for... making it easier to have multi-plaform titles, indie, and first party titles.
  • Make it easy to develop straight from PC... make testing possible from a standard console.
  • Don't make consoles with different hard drive sizes, just make a good one and proceed with it.
  • Partner with an indie at least once a year to create a new IP (add to the variety, Nintendo!)
  • Improve the Wii-mote and sensor bar if they make a return
  • A NEW NAME... because there are still people believing that the Wii U is the 1st Wii!
  • A better standard controller, with a headset jack
  • If the gamepad makes a return, improvements are needed and it shouldn't be the main controller.
  • If you want to appeal to companies that love powerful consoles, give them the power... even if excuses were obvious in many cases when it comes to the Wii U.
  • This isn't a must-have, but we should be able to play games from various regions. If someone buys a game that's not from their region and lacks common languages, it could be a warning presented to them on the package or the screen before they make the purchase... but we shouldn't miss out. For all we know, it could encourage more people to learn the languages they most often encounter in games. I've played games from beginning to end and understood... 0.00...000% of the language, so... what's going to be the result, more money for you because of our decisions to play games from other regions? Sounds like a good problem to have, especially from a developer's standpoint.

    This could also encourage developers to add more language options to their games... and if a game is truly inappropriate for a certain region so that it doesn't offend, create a way to control that (i.e. certain areas don't allow any act of killing another person in games).


ISP's are suing the FCC over Net Neutrality Rules
-Intergalactic Super Gamer

Make note of this, even if these companies don't own the internet, they feel they're entitled to more control of it than you. Is this fair in the least? Hell no, and the financial success they've accumulated through business, comes through people like you and I. There are people that see no big deal in companies gaining control, but some of these people don't even use the internet so they wouldn't care.

I'm tired of it, and if more cities in the United States took the initiative prompted by citizens to set up a fiber optic infrastructure for internet, that would increase the opportunities for other ISPs to make their services available.

That wouldn't happen in a day... but, I agree because when more options are available we can ditch ISPs that deserve to lose business. -RkRk


Two Fan-Favorite Action RPGs,
 Coming to PC in the West This Spring!
We are excited to announce that we will be bringing two all-star action RPG titles to PC for the first time in North America this spring. 

Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim, originally the first 3D entry in Nihon Falcom's long-running Ys series, is scheduled to launch with a brand new translation and game-changing features exclusive to this PC release. AKIBA'S TRIP: Undead & Undressed, ACQUIRE's tongue-in-cheek supernatural beat-'em-up set in Tokyo's "Electric Town" district, will launch with the Visual Editor feature previously exclusive to the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system version.

Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim
Formerly only available in North America on the PlayStation®2 and PlayStation® Portable systems, Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim delivers a storyline rich with memorable characters and themes on top of engaging hack-and-slash action RPG gameplay that would go on to influence later Ys titles, setting the foundation that series favorites Ys: The Oath in Felghana and Ys Origin were later built upon. Complete with the original high-resolution graphics and full USB controller support, the PC version of Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim introduces brand-new exclusive features that aim to create a modernized game play experience more in line with later Ys entries. Among these features are full widescreen support, the ability to warp among checkpoints, and an optional "Catastrophe Mode" in which healing items can't be purchased or stored and are instead used automatically on pickup.


AKIBA'S TRIP: Undead & Undressed
In AKIBA'S TRIP: Undead & Undressed, players take an eclectic trip through a meticulous recreation of Tokyo's "Electric Town" district, Akihabara (Akiba for short), where they will engage in real-time action RPG-style battles against vampiric foes called "Synthisters" who prey on the district's anime- and game-obsessed patrons. They feast on their victims' social energy and will to live rather than their blood, and only direct exposure to sunlight can stop them in their tracks. So, naturally, the logical thing to do is strip them down to their skivvies and watch them melt away!

In addition to Steam achievements and USB controller support, the PC edition of AKIBA'S TRIP: Undead & Undressed offers the built-in "Visual Editor" feature from the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system version of the game, which makes it possible to completely alter the game's appearance either through a series of preset visual filters or through individual toggles and sliders for each aspect of the game's lighting and rendering systems.